Golden State Warriors: It's Not as Bad as it Seems

Greg SquiresCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

I know there are a lot of you that canot get past the headline before you want to start ripping my argument apart.

But that is okay. I am sure my argument is not without holes.

First of all, I am aware that the Golden State Warriers record is 21-42. Yes, I am aware that we are one of the worst rebounding teams in the league. And I am also aware that we only occasionally play defense, and that may be a stretch.

This team is young, people.

They are bound to play sloppy, forget defensive assignments, and get outsmarted by more seasoned veterans. That craftiness comes with time.

After Stephen Jackson, Corey Maggette, and Jamal Crawford, the most experience we can have on the floor comes from 22-year-old Andris Biedrins.

Crawford will likely not be with the team next season. 

Biedrins, despite being 22, is starting to develop his game, and is averaging a double-double per night. Rookie forward Anthony Randolph, 19, has a world of talent as well and averages over 15 rebounds per 48 minutes played.

And lets not forget that Monta Ellis has missed 50 games. Second-year player Brandan Wright has missed half the season as well. 

Marco Belinelli, Kelenna Azubuike, and C.J. Watson have all made great strides this season in becoming better players.

Belinelli has vastly improved his defense, Azubuike has become a much more consistent shooter, and Watson has shown that he is more than capable backup at the point guard position.

In addition, rookie Anthony Morrow is shooting 50 percent from three-point range this season as well.

Now, in this upcoming draft and free agency, the Warriors have pressing needs at point guard and power forward. I believe point guard to be more of an issue because the Warriors desperately need a quality point guard to run the offense through.

In a healthy season, I would like to see what a rotation of Wright, Randolph, Biedrins, and Turiaf can do up front.

Now, trust me, I am not trying to look at this team through rose colored glasses. I know there are many flaws on this team that need to be fixed and probably some things that will not get fixed soon enough. 

But, next time you are watching them play, keep in mind how young this team is. The mistakes you are seeing them make have to be expected.

It is part of the maturity process of this league. Instead of adding up the turnovers or missed defensive assignments, watch for the positive signs.

Watch Belinelli pick someone's pocket as they think they have him beat on a drive. Watch Azubuike nail outside jumpers with a hand in his face. Watch Randolph stuff a defender going to the hole and quickly release an outlet pass starting a fast break.

I am not proclaiming that next season we will win 50 games and be the fourth seed in the playoffs. I am simply asking you to watch the games a little bit differently. 

They are not as bad as they seem.