The Nickel: Taker, the Lost Vickie/Big Show Tape, Brian Pillman 2.0 RAW Recap

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 9, 2009

Ms. WrestleMania

Throughout all the years, I have always wondered about a Ms. WrestleMania. HBK was Mr. WrestleMania and there needed to be a diva counterpart.

Pacman, not the football convict, had Mrs. Pacman, so Ms. WrestleMania is alright in my book. I always thought Trish Stratus was Ms. WrestleMania at the least, but the expected 25 Diva Battle Royal is going to crown the first ever Ms. WrestleMania.

RAW, Smackdown, ECW, and past divas will get it on in the royal for the crown.

I have my favorites, got yours?


Taker/HBK Segment

Is it me, or did that segment just leave you wanting more?

HBK responded to Taker's segment that he had cut a week before on Smackdown. Taker's bell tolled, the lights went out, and Taker showed up behind Michaels in classic fashion.

"I was expecting you, Taker," HBK said without looking back.

Taker sure seems to like talking now. He let HBK know that he will fail once again. A clip showed all 16 opponents that fell before the Deadman.

Taker added that Michaels' arrogance has blinded him, as he too will join the list.

"You have never beaten me," says HBK and walked off.

It will be interesting how the segments will follow since there is not any physical action going on. Or is there?

Next week, Taker and HBK team up to face Vladimir Koslov and the newly crowned IC champion, JBL.


WM contract signing

Well, the cat is out of the bag, and the whole world knows what Vickie Guerrero did last summer. Cena had me going there for a moment, with himself loving Guerrero.

Not that I believed him, but WWE is curveball crazy these days, so I was prepared for the worst.

Gratefully, he was not, but Big Show was. Cena revealed a tape from Smackdown that showed Guerrero and Big Show kissing, and the rest of the "ew" stuff. Goodness, that was a disgusting sight.

Cena got into the match as expected, and now it is a triple threat. Yay.

Edge looked devastated, Vickie kept crying, and Big Show left the ring. For someone who is Big, is he scared of Edge? He called him a coward, but who is the one backing away?

It will be interesting this Smackdown.

Brian Pillman 2.0

This was pretty much anticipated. Once Orton was shown from his house, it was only a matter of time until Triple H showed up. So much time was wasted that it just about 11 p.m. when the main event was taking place.

Priceless came out and did not get to wrestle. Orton bashes Triple H for not showing up and Trips shows up at the house. Orton hides and Triple hunts. Orton ambushes and Triple H demolished. Orton briefly had the advantage, but found himself flying through his window.

The cops finally come, but they came in crossing guard clothing. God dammit, couldn't they have look a tad bit real?

Nevertheless, Trips was arrested, and I was surprised Orton still attacked let alone get to his feet on his front lawn. The war is quickly escalating.

Smackdown can transition this, hopefully.

Christian was on RAW as well. Yay!