WWE RAW Rewind: Forget Beware of Dog; Beware of The Game

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IMarch 10, 2009

After tonight's RAW, all I have to say is: DAMN!

With that, here is the recap of tonight's monumental RAW.

The show opens with highlights of the past week involving Triple H and Legacy. The show goes live outside of Randy Orton’s home in St. Louis, Missouri.

The show goes live with the appearance of Shawn Michaels.

HBK comes out the only way he knows how: Stylin’ and Profilin’! He then begins to talk about his match at WrestleMania against The Undertaker. As Shawn talks about streaks being broken and things having to come to an end, The Undertaker’s familiar entrance cuts him off, and the Deadman sends a video package of his own.

Following the video package, HBK gets a surprise visit from The Deadman himself. Both men make it clear that they can’t wait for their match at WrestleMania.

But Undertaker gets the last word when he makes it clear that Shawn will indeed REST IN PEACE! But Shawn says that he will rest comfortably after WrestleMania because he will be the one that ends The Streak. With that, he walks out of the ring, but not before staring back at his next great Wrestlemania moment.

Intercontinental Championship

JBL vs. CM Punk

Punk gets the early offense as he uses those educated feet to ground the challenger. JBL tries to apply a sleeper hold, but he gets a jawbreaker for his troubles. As JBL goes out for a breather, he gets dropped with a diving splash from the champion.

Back in the ring, JBL has control with a abdominal stretch. Layfield has the advantage after a vicious clothesline followed by a few shots to the lower back. But the tide turns when JBL gets dropped with a DDT from the top rope. Punk gets control once more with that corner knee and bulldog, but JBL manages to kick out once again.

As Punk goes for the GTS, JBL rakes his eyes and lands the Clothesline From Hell to get the pinfall and become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Back on the program, JBL is informed that he owes Vickie a favor. But Edge comes in and interrupts her wanting to know what John Cena said to her on Friday. After being shafted on his answer, Edge is intent on signing the contract for his WrestleMania match.

Quickie: Video Footage from SmackDown & Interview from Randy Orton’s home in St. Louis

Orton, who is joined by his wife Samantha, wants the world to see what he did on Friday night to WWE Champion Triple H.

After viewing the footage, Orton makes it clear that he was only doing that for leverage. He also claims that he was happy that he held back…so that he can take his rightful spot at WrestleMania. And that he intends to continue to take as much as possible leading up to April 5th.

Champion vs. Champion

Melina vs. Maryse

Melina gets the upper hand until Maryse slams her face into the mat. Maryse locks in the Camel Clutch, but Melina fights out of it and smacks the taste out of her mouth.

Melina continues the pressure, but gets dropped with a mat slam and loses the match. But after the bell, Rosa Mendez starts a hellacious catfight that sees Beth, Michelle, Maryse and Rosa getting tossed out of the ring. Following the match, we get a recap of the contract signing from SmackDown.

After the footage, we are informed that the contract signing will take place…NEXT!

Intermission: WrestleMania 25 World Heavyweight Championship Contract Signing

Before the contract signing, we take a look back at Wrestlemania VI and the epic main event between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior.

Following the WrestleMania moment, Vickie Guerrero is in the ring making an announcement: A 25-Diva Battle Royal will take place this year at WrestleMania for the title of “Miss WrestleMania.” After the announcement, both Big Show and Edge make their way into the ring and take a seat.

Before the signing, Edge makes it clear that they will rewrite that historic match from WrestleMania VI. After the two make the match official, the crowd erupts with the arrival of John Cena.

Before Cena can say anything, Edge tries to steal the thunder once again. Cena regains the thunder and looks straight at Vickie. Vickie reveals that she invited Cena out there to make things fair…and put Cena in the match at WrestleMania. After Cena signs the contract, he decides that it’s time to reveal Vickie’s secret.

Cena drops the bombshell that…he’s in love with…Vickie Guerrero?! WTF?!

Cena goes on to say that he wants two things: The World Heavyweight Championship…and Vickie Guerrero. As Cena leaves the ring, the three remaining in the ring are trying to figure things out.

But Edge again tries to steal the thunder by saying that she’ll rip this contract up right now. After that, Cena even revealed that he wasn’t in love with Vickie. He did, however, reveal the video that would put the duo in their place.

The video reveals that Vickie and Big Show’s relationship was more than just business. The video reveals that the duo have been intimate…and that they have further plans together after WrestleMania.

Jacksonville is still abuzz from the bombshell that just got dropped by John Cena as they relive the moments of Chris Jericho and his ego trip as RAW goes back on the air.

Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston

As Kofi lands a series of punches, Jericho counters into a huge power bomb. Jericho then applies a reverse chin lock on Kingston. As Kofi goes for the Boom Boom Boom, Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho.

After getting countered, Jericho lands a high kick followed by the bulldog. But as he goes for the Lionsault, Kingston moves out of the way and lands the B3 Leg Drop.

As Kingston goes for Trouble in Paradise, Jericho counters into the Walls of Jericho. But all of a sudden, Nature Boy makes his return and stares at Jericho. Kingston takes advantage and lands the Trouble in Paradise to pick up the win and qualify for the Money In The Bank.

After the bell, we find out that there will be a battle royal tomorrow night on ECW to determine the seventh member…and the final entrant will be decided this Friday night on SmackDown.

Randy Orton comes back on the Tron and makes it clear that he is afraid of what he would do to Triple H if he was in Jacksonville.

Back on the program, Jericho places the blame on Ric Flair…and challenges him to a match next week on RAW. He then continues to insult the Legends…and promises to end the story of Ric Flair next week.

After the interview, we find out the next inductee to the 2009 HOF Class: KoKo B. Ware!

Rey Mysterio, Finlay & Christian vs. The Dirt Sheet & Kane

The Dirt Sheet has control, but Christian bounces back and tries to get control against the Big Red Monster. Morrison comes in and continues the assault on Christian, followed by the Miz.

Christian recovers enough to tag in Finlay, who decides to have his way with the World Tag Team Champions before tagging in Rey, who does the same. As Rey goes for the 619, Kane comes in, but gets cut short by Finlay and Christian. Rey finally nails the 619 on Morrison and resurrects the West Coast Pop to pick up the win for his team.

After the bell, Priceless heads to the ring for their match against Triple H.

Back on the broadcast, we find out that next week’s main event will be Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker will team up and face JBL and Vladimir Kozlov.

Main Event: Triple H vs. Priceless

Legacy stands in the ring waiting for the arrival of The Game, but Triple is nowhere to be found. Due to his absence, Triple H loses the match via forfeit. Randy comes onscreen and says that everyone is disappointed.

As Orton rants to the crowd at Jacksonville, Samantha goes towards the door to the banging of an irate WWE Champion! Triple H invades St. Louis in a heartbeat and begins searching for Randy Orton. He goes into the kitchen and finds Sam Orton on the floor.

He then starts pacing through the house in search of The Legend Killer before making his way to the upstairs. But before he heads upstairs, he hears a noise from below. Orton comes charging with a golf club, but Triple H beats him down, throws him towards the couch and right out of the window.

As Triple H continues to beat on the Legend Killer, St. Louis PD show up to haul The Game away. Orton gets one more shot in before being hauled back into the house. An irate Triple H looks on at his WrestleMania opponent as RAW goes off the air.


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