WWE Raw 3/09/09: The Good The Bad and The Ugly:HBK, Undertaker, HHH, Orton, Edge

Lanny PoffoCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

The Good

Opening of the show - The showstopper and the dead man chat

This gets a "Good" for one great line - "Hello, Undertaker.  I've been expecting ya."  Solid promo by both veterans, although it seemed as if the Undertaker was not sure of a couple of his lines. 

I still don't see the streak ending... and I don't know how they could put any doubt in it.  (HBK retirement clause or something?)  They've got a tag match with two guys who can't wrestle, JBL, and Koslov next week, so let's see how they continue to build this thing.


Video of Wrestlemania VI

13 years old in my aunt's apartment.  Ahh, the memories.


The Contract Signing - John luvs Vickie and Ughhhhhh

I don't care.  You can make fun of me for liking this.  Nothing was a surprise, but I thought it was kind of funny anyway.  The match at Wreslemania XXV will probably not be that great, but hopefully they will exceed my expectations. 

The only thing that would shock me would be if the Big Show left as champion.  I guess no Hogan-Cena.  I never really thought that was going down anyway.

Money in the Bank Qualifyer and Ric Flair Returns

Good match, though we've seen Jericho and Kingston before.  Why do these two get to go one on one, when the others had a three-way?  Oh, well.  I hope they're not going the Jerry the King route with Y2J at WMXXV. 

He loses to Santino, why would we want to see him against Jericho.  I wouldn't mind seeing Ric Flair wrestle again.  There are those who say "but he retired, and the HBK match would be meaningless."  Hey, if the guy can still perform, let him do it.


The Bad

Six Man Tag Match

Nice to see Christian on Raw again.  Didn't get the pop I thought he might, but then again that audience saw him during the ECW taping earlier.  The match was boring, and I hate that they had Morrison get pinned relatively cleanly.  I love him, but that's what the Miz is for.


Lack of wrestling action

I don't usually complain about this as much as others, but it was so noticable to me tonight that I felt I had to throw it in there.  And what exactly was the main event here?


The Ugly (or in other words, neither bad nor good)

JBL wins the Intercontinental Championship

I'm trying to review this without thinking about having seen the spoilers.  JBL ruined Punk's run as World Champion.  And it was matches like these that did it. 

I'll save my opinion on JBL's title reign to see where they go, but I feel duped that it seems they only pretended to give the IC belt more consideration because they were trying to push the DVD history set.  Blah.


Triple H shows up at Randy's house

I'll admit I was entertained by this, but for too much of it it was in a "What the **** am I watching" way, especially when Triple H was stalking the house like he was Michael Myers. 

The fight between Trips and Orton was pretty well done, as some of the blows looked pretty stiff, but just because I don't like police angles in a scripted show, I can't give this a "good".


See ya next week.