Pizza Delivery Guy Fired After Making Tackling Joke to Luke Fickell's Wife

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 11, 2012

Photo Credit: NBC Sports
Photo Credit: NBC Sports

Luke Fickell's wife, Amy, really just wanted to order some pizza, but has since started the great pizza-delivery controversy of 2012. 

Be careful when ordering a pizza, because you may get blasted with a joke on the phone and a resulting claim of deplorable actions right after. 

This is what the Fickell's face as one delivery man claims he made a harmless joke to Amy Fickell and was fired because of it. 

On Wednesday, Fox 28 reported (h/t Off the Bench) Luke Fickell's wife made a call to Iacono's in Shawnee Hills to order a pizza. Sounds like a tasty endeavor, but it had harsh consequences. 

It seems the young man who took the order thought it wise to crack a joke about the Buckeye's defense. Fickell is the defensive coordinator for OSU. Fox 28 has video and a report. 

The man says he was joking when he said the Buckeyes need better tackling and that Fickell's wife laughed. But the next day, he says he was fired...

But an OSU Athletics spokesman says it would not be uncommon for a consumer to register a complaint with a retail manager over a negative experience, if the Fickells did indeed have such a discussion. It is unfortunate that this individual has lost his job, but the responsibility for this should not rest with the Fickell family.

Well that should be the end of that, seeing as how the owner of the restaurant nor Fickell were available for comment, but you would be wrong. 

Big Lead Sports had an update to this bizarre story on Thursday. It leads to a discussion board and a statement made by Dave Biddle, the editor of 

This is from OSU (and goes against what the pizza delivery boy said—he said Mrs. Fickell called the next day to complain):

Here’s background on this pizza issue:

  • A slight (or a flippant remark or an inappropriate comment) was made by an employee of a retail establishment to Mrs. Fickell.
  • The Fickells did not call the manager to complain.
  • The manager found out about the incident (presumably from someone at the restaurant).
  • The manager called the Fickells to ask what was said by his employee. They told him.
  • And just like they did not place a call to complain, they also did not ask that anyone be fired. In fact, they feel terrible that this person lost his job.

All they did was order pizza.

If this is true, how did the manager go about learning of the joke? Was our poor unfortunate pizza delivery guy gabby about his wonderful jab at defense?

Making a harmless crack at defense is hardly a reason for a manager to follow up with the customer. This goes above and beyond for any pizza I've ordered—shoddy service or not. 

Perhaps the manager was itching for any reason to fire an employee who was walking a thin line for a while. Maybe the Fickell's did call, irate from a horrible comment. 

These are all questions for the manager of the establishment, not the Fickells. People don't order pizza with a side of comedy, and they shouldn't have to answer to a silly controversy, especially if they never followed up like the statement claims. 

Pizza guys, stop with the open-mic material. Pizza managers, get a sense of humor. And the Fickells, keep doing what you are doing because OSU is 6-0. 

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