WWE Vs. TNA: Dream Card No. 3

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2009

In this article, I have created many, many matches pitting WWE superstars against TNA superstars. I have used current champions from both rosters, but I have developed my own match types.

However, I will also be using some of the original match types as well (Hell in a Cell, Ultimate X, Monster's Ball, etc.). This is my third WWE vs. TNA Dream Card.


WWE & TNA Presents "Battle Brawl" (5-24-09)

This is the first edition of the "Battle Brawl." The main event will be much similar to the WWE's 30 Man Over the Top Royal Rumble Match. There will be 15 WWE superstars and 15 TNA superstars competing in the match for a World Title match at the next PPV. The rules are the same as the Royal Rumble.

Two men will start the match and every 90 seconds a new superstar will enter the match. Elimination only occurs when an opponent goes over the top rope and both feet must touch the floor.

The last man remaining in the ring after the 29 participants has entered will get a World Title shot at the next PPV.


Match No. 1

Flaming Tables Match for the TNA Tag Team Championship

Ted Dibiase & Cody Rhodes vs. Team 3D

The rules to this match is very simple. You must set a table on fire and drive one of your opponents through the flaming table to win the match.

Team 3D was looking for redemption for what happened to them at "Rage in a Cage." They brought the fight to Rhodes & Dibiase right as the match started. Team 3D introduced the tables very early in the match.

As Brother Ray and DeVon try to set up the tables, Rhodes and Dibiase comes from behind and whacks Team 3D with a pair of kendo sticks. Dibiase whacks Brother Ray one time so hard that it actually gave a cut above Ray's left eye.

Dibaise and Rhodes start to hammer Team 3D against the tables and uses the tables against 3D. When Dibiase and Rhodes prepares to to set up the table and set it on fire, Team 3D stops them.

Team 3D tosses Rhodes out of the ring leaving Dibiase all by himself. DeVon then sets the table on fire. When Team 3D prepares to put Dibiase through the flaming table, Rhodes comes back into the ring with a steel chair and takes out DeVon and Ray.

Dibiase and Rhodes then turn the tables on Brother Ray and 3D's Ray through the flaming table to retain their tag titles.


Match No. 2

Intercontinental Championship

Samoa Joe vs. Umaga

This match was advertised as the "Battle of the Samoans" as the Samoan Submission Machine Samoa Joe takes on the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga for the IC Title.

The match started out as a slugfest. Joe was using his quick kicks and chops to wear down Umaga. And when Joe gets the momentum, Umaga delivers a thundering belly to belly suplex to Joe. Joe then rolls out of the ring and onto the floor.

Umaga then goes outside and drops Joe onto the steel barricade wall. With Joe set up in the corner of the barricade wall, Umaga walks back and dashes towards Joe but Joe is able to move and Umaga crashes through the barricade wall and into the crowd.

Joe and Umaga then start to fight in the crowd for a good while.

When they make their way back to the ring, Joe begins to work on the shoulder of Umaga. Even using the steel ring post to add more damage. After working on the arm of Umaga, Joe applies the crossface.

Wrenching and tearing on the arm, Joe just clenches more of the crossface onto Umaga. Umaga then barely makes it to the rope. As Umaga and Joe gets up, Umaga hits a massive samoan drop on Joe. Umaga then prepares to hit Joe with the spike but Joe counters when knees and kicks to the gut of Umaga.

Joe and Umaga fight for another five minutes before Joe sets up Umaga for the Muscle Buster. Surprising, Joe hits the Muscle Buster on Umaga but Umaga kicks out. Joe tries to hit it again but Umaga counters with another slam. Umaga picks up Joe to deliver another attempt at the samoan spike.

When Umaga delivers the spike, Joe ducks, gets behind Umaga and locks in the chokehold. After about 13 seconds in the choke, Umaga taps out and Joe retains the IC Title.


Match No. 3

Ladder Match for the X-Division Championship

Alex Shelly vs. Evan Bourne 

Bourne gets his rematch here after Shelly's partner Chris Sabin screwed Bourne in the triple threat match at the last PPV.

The first couple of minutes started as a chain wrestling match up but soon transfers into an all out fight. Bourne is the first to get bring the ladder in. When Bourne places the ladder on the apron of the ring, Shelly dropkicks the ladder back into the face of Bourne.

Shelly then goes to the top rope and moonsaults onto Bourne on the outside. Shelly then tosses Bourne into the steel steps and then picks up the ladder to put it in the ring.

Shelly starts to climb the ladder but Bourne gets up and missile drop kicks the ladder from the top rope causing Shelly to fall off the ladder. Bourne starts to punish Shelly for a little bit with the ladder. Bourne positions the ladder flat in the ring and snap suplexes Shelly onto the ladder.

Bourne starts to climb the ladder now. Shelly makes his way up too and begins to climb as well. Both men starts punching each other on top of the ladder but Shelly grabs Bourne and sunset flips Bourne off the ladder.

Bourne is out. So Shelly begins to climb again. When Shelly touches the gold, Bourne tips the ladder over and Shelly falls onto the outside. Chris Sabin comes out and begin to check on Shelly. Bourne begins to climb the ladder but when he reaches the top, Bourne pulls off his shooting star press from the top of the ladder and hits Sabin and Shelly who are on the outside of the ring.

Three men are all laid out on the floor now. Shelly and Bourne begins to climb back into the ring. The ladder is still set up. Both begins to climb the ladder. They both make it to the top. But when Bourne reaches for the title, Shelly throws powder into the eyes of Bourne and Bourne falls off the ladder. Shelly unstraps the belt and wins the match.


Match No. 4

WWE Championship

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H

This match becomes an all out war. Angle tries to go for his ankle lock early on in the match but Triple H is able to counter Angle's every attempt. With Angle in the ropes, Triple H begins to punch the hell out of Angle with all his might.

Triple H step backs and runs toward Angle, but Angle catches him and belly to belly suplexes Triple H over the top rope and onto the floor. Angle begins to beat Triple H's head onto the announcer's desk then Angle picks Triple H up and drives Triple H's back into the steel ring post.

Angle then tosses Triple H back into the ring. Angle soon begins to add damage to Triple H's back. Just dropping knees and elbows into the back of the Game. Angle sets the Game on the turnbuckle and delivers a superplex to Triple H off the the top turnbuckle. Angle goes for the pin but Triple H kicks out.

Angle then applies a headlock to Triple H. Triple H, with his massive strength, picks up Angle and slams him into the mat. Triple H begins to work on the leg of Angle for a while. Even applying the figure four leg lock at one point.

But Angle makes it to the rop. Triple H then gets behind Angle and when Angle turns around, Triple H kicks Angle and attempts the pedigree. But Angle counters and back drops Triple H over the top rope.

Angle gets on the apron of the ring to leap on Triple H, but Triple H catches Angle in mid air and spine busters Angle on the floor. Triple H gets up and clears off one of the announcer's desk. When Triple H picks up Angle, Angle shoves Triple H into the referee and hits a low blow on Triple H, Then shortly after, Angle gets behind Triple H and Olympic Slams Triple H through the announce table.

Angle gets back into the ring to stop the 10 count. Angle then brings Triple H back into the ring and covers him but Triple H kicks out. Angle then takes his straps down and goes up to the top rope. Angle tries to hit his moonsault but Triple H gets his knees up. Triple H then tries to pick up Angle but in a split second, Angle counters and locks on the ankle lock to the Game.

Triple H barely makes it to the rope. Angle pleads to the ref that Triple H tapped out. When Angle walks back towards Triple H, Triple H scores with his pedigree. He goes for the cover but Angle gets a shoulder up. Triple H then goes for another pedigree but Angle counters it into another ankle lock. Triple H counters that and shoves Angle into the ref.

Triple H goes outside and brings in his sledgehammer. When Triple H swings to hit Angle with the hammer, Angle ducks and hits the Olympic Slam. Angle goes for the cover but the ref is still knocked down. Angle then goes and tries to wake up the ref.

When Angle approaches Triple H again, Triple H hits a low blow on Angle followed by a pedigree. Triple H goes for the pin and at the same time the ref wakes up and counts 1-2-3 and Tripel H retains his WWE Title.


Match No. 5

Casket Match for the TNA Heavyweight Championship

Undertaker vs. Sting

While Undertaker is in the ring waiting for Sting's entrance, the lights goes off and when they come back on Sting is behind 'Taker and when 'Taker turns around Sting hits 'Taker with his black baseball bat. Sting signals the casket to be open, When Sting tries to roll 'Taker into the casket for a quick win, Undertaker stops Sting and fights him off.

'Taker then pushes Sting into the corner and begins to punch the hell out of Sting. 'Taker backs up to deliver a running clothesline to Sting but Sting moves and Undertaker runs into the turnbuckle. Sting then gets a head of steam but Undertaker backdrops Sting, however Sting lands on the apron of the ring.

'Taker grabs the throat of Sting and chokeslams him back into the ring. 'Taker then signals for the casket to be open but doesn't quite get Sting in all the way.

Sting and 'Taker begins to battle for about the next 20 minutes. Just going back and forth. When Sting runs towards 'Taker, 'Taker side steps Sting and Sting falls over the top rope and onto and off the casket.

'Taker runs and dives over the top rope and the casket and hits Sting on the outside. 'Taker then rolls Sting back into the ring. 'Taker opens up the casket, lifts Sting up and tries to put Sting in the casket.

But Sting counters and hits the Scorpion Death Drop on 'Taker. Sting then rolls Undertaker in the casket but then 'Taker grabs the throat of Sting and throws Sting back into the ring.

'Taker gets out of the casket and delivers the last ride on Sting. Then 'Taker tries to chokeslams Sting into the casket but Sting counters and applies the Scorpion Death Lock on Undertaker. After a while Sting lets go of the hold and frees 'Taker.

Sting then picks up Undertaker, opens up the casket and tries to put 'Taker in the casket. Sting has 'Taker on his shoulders but 'Taker wiggles out and counters Sting into the Tombstone position and Tombstones Sting.

Undertaker then rolls Sting into the casket and closes the lid to retain his TNA Title.  


Match No. 6

30 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Brawl for the No. 1 Contendership at the next PPV

15 WWE Superstars: John Cena, Kane, Big Show, Edge, Shelton Benjamin, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, Christian, Matt Hardy, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, JBL, CM Punk, & Shawn Michaels

15 TNA Superstars: Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, AJ Styles, Scott Steiner, Shark Boy, Homicide, Hernandez, Booker T, Robert Roode, James Storm, Kevin Nash, Rhino, & Mick Foley (a surprise entrant).

The first two entrants of the match are John Cena and AJ Styles. They really put on a strong opening of the match. The next participants to enter are JBL, M. Hardy, Storm, Booker T, Morrison, Punk, Sabin, Shark Boy, & Hernandez. There haven't been any eliminations yet.

The first man to be eliminated is John Morrison. Morrison is eliminated by Booker T. The next entrant is Mysterio. When Mysterio enters the match he jumps onto the top rope and when he comes down, Styles hits the "pay lay" to Mysterio out of mid air! AJ would then eliminate Mysterio.

Homicide is next followed by Jeff Hardy. The Hardy Boyz and LAX begin to square off. Then out of nowhere, Evan Bourne comes from the crowd and eliminates Chris Sabin(revenge for what happened to Bourne earlier in his ladder match with Shelly).

The next people to enter are Roode, Nash, Jericho, Benjamin, & Williams. When Nash enters the match, him along with Booker T (MEM members) teams up and eliminates the Hardy Boyz & LAX. Scott Steiner then enters the match, followed by Kane.

Kane makes a huge impact when he enters the match. Kane chokseslams everybody in sight, but when he gets face to face with Kevin Nash, Nash goes for the Jacknife but Kane counters and chokeslams Nash then eliminates Shark Boy.

Abyss enters after Kane. Abyss goes right for Kane. Abyss runs and eliminates himself and Kane in the process. The next man to enter is HBK. The next eliminations are, Roode, Williams, & Storm. They get eliminated by HBK.

One sick elimination is when JBL catches Benjamin from the top rope and suplexes Benjamin over the top rope for the elimination. The next to enter the match is Christian followed by Jeff Jarrett.

Mean while, during all of the eliminations, Abyss clears an announce table, grabs a bag of tacks from under the ring and spreads them all over the announce table. He then picks up Kane chokeslams Kane through the announce and onto the tacks. We haven't seen the last of the Kane and Abyss feud.

The next guy to enter the match is Rhino. Rhino would Gore everybody in sight. Then would get eliminated by the Main Event Mafia members. Edge is next to enter the match at number 27. He and Christian would team up and eliminate CM Punk & John Cena.

The Big Show enters at number 28. And he would dominate the scene just chokeslamming and overpowering everybody until Randy Orton entered at number 29.

Orton would RKO the Big Show and then with help from the other participants eliminate the Big Show. The last man to enter the match is the surprise entrant Mick Foley. Now everybody has entered the match.

The superstars that who are left in the match are Randy Orton, AJ Styles (currently the longest to stay in the match at 58:06), Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Scott Steiner, Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Edge, Christian, Chris Jericho, & JBL.

The MEM would next eliminate JBL, Jericho, and Foley. However, Shawn Michaels would set up his old buddy Kevin Nash and superkick Nash over the top rope for the elimination.

AJ would then sneak from behind and eliminate HBK right after that. And also at the same time, Edge and Christain would eliminate the remaining MEM members Scott Steiner and Booker T. This now leaves Orton, Jarrett, Edge, Christian, and Styles (who has lasted so far for 1:00:48).

With it down to final five now, Orton makes an alliance with Edge and Christian while Jarrett teams up with Styles. Styles try to fight off Edge and Christian while Jarrett fights Orton.

Edge and Christian double teams and finally eliminates AJ Styles who lasted overall in the Battle Brawl for one hour, three minutes, and two seconds. The final four are Jarrett, Orton, Edge, and Christian.

After Edge and Christian beats down Jarrett, they raise Jarrett up and Orton hits the RKO on Jarrett. Orton then tells Edge and Christian to toss Jarrett over the top rope. But when Edge and Christian tries to eliminate Jarrett, Orton turns on Edge and Christian and eliminates them both.

Thinking that he has eliminated all three, Orton begins to celebrate because he thinks that he has won the match but all the while Jarrett hangs onto the bottom rope and slides back into the ring. Jarrett gets up and then hits the Stroke on Orton.

Jarrett then tosses Orton over the top rope but Orton hangs on to the  bottom rope. Jarrett turns around because he thinks he has won the match. Orton comes back in, turns Jarrett around and hits the RKO.

Jarrett then falls back into the ropes, Orton gets a head of steam and run towards Jarrett to clothesline him over. But Jarrett counters and backdrops Orton over the top rope and Jeff Jarrett becomes the No. 1 contender. 


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