LFL Fans Break out into Fight, Announcers Seem Pleased

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 10, 2012

The LFL is a league that puts heavy emphasis on entertainment. So much so that they welcome boxing matches to take place during games. 

A tip of the virtual hat to Deadspin for spotting this video when the best action at a Lingerie Football League game was in the stands. 

It's hard to find a favorite part in this brief video, because it's decorated like a Christmas tree with goodies. 

There is the security guard who seems to be giving the least possible effort to stop the scuffle, but also happens to have the best throw-back spectacles in the stadium.  

There is the young fan who is, of course, wearing a Rob Gronkowski jersey, and the women who get in on the fight by throwing haymakers. 

Through it all, the announcers feign being appalled while still giving a tinge of giddiness that all this is going down, something you might hear from a WWE match. 

Consider the fact that this fight took place during a commercial break yet the LFL still decided to show it and you find yourself wondering how much of these crazed fighters were planted. 

It's best not to worry about such things, because that's not why one watches an LFL contest. It's for the women dressed in lingerie and the fans who paid money to sit, watch a game and, at some points, fight other fans. 

The LFL may be far too nuanced a league for me to fully embrace, but I am willing to try after this show of fantastic fandom. 

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