Big Ten Football Q&A: On Urban Meyer, Recruiting Rankings and Tubas

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Big Ten Football Q&A: On Urban Meyer, Recruiting Rankings and Tubas
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On Thursdays on The Big Ten Blog, we will feature questions from the B/R inbox, Twitter and email. Do you have questions for next week's Q&A? Send them to Big Ten lead blogger Adam Jacobi via the B/R inbox, on Twitter @Adam_Jacobi or at

Been a while since we've done one of these things. Let's jump right in.

OK, fine, I'm glad you asked. You can blame the fact that there's actually things to talk about in the Big Ten. Fun things? Oh, no no. This is the Big Ten. We break up news about the Legends Division losing games with news about Jerry Sandusky being sentenced. That's how it goes.

Anyone with a real question?

OK, Urban Meyer talk! I'm glad you asked. Obviously, you see Meyer come in and immediately have the Buckeyes running the table halfway through the season and you think there's no hope for the rest of the conference. And you might even be right!

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That being said, it was just one year ago that Brady Hoke was guiding Michigan to its first 11-win season since 2006 and its first BCS bowl win since 1999. And this 2012 team looked even better (on paper, anyway). So fortunes come and go quicker than one would think in this conference and in college football in general.

But in terms of recruiting, I'm afraid the answer to your question is "no." The only coach in the rest of the Big Ten who looks like he can keep pace with Meyer is Hoke. There's just nobody else stepping up talent-wise. One look at the 2012 and 2013 recruiting rankings should be ample evidence of that.

Bill O'Brien could get there one day when Penn State isn't radioactive anymore and Bo Pelini's not recruiting scrubs at Nebraska, but by and large, there isn't a great influx of talent in the Big Ten unless you look at Ann Arbor and Columbus. So get ready for the hot new rivalry of Michigan and Ohio State.

The more things change, eh?


Um, because the non-inept coaches are still coaching?

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Wait, which instrument would they be? I don't know how to answer this. I mean, obviously Brady Hoke is a sousaphone and Bret Bielema is a dual-necked electric guitar. That's obvious. But there's nothing musical about, like, Kevin Wilson. Or Kirk Ferentz. Or Bo Pelini. You know what kind of musical instrument Bo Pelini is? One that wants to run the belly option on 3rd-and-4.

Oh, and Pat Fitzgerald is this song. Incontrovertible fact.

Time for one more question.


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Plan accordingly.

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