Word Life Vol. 22 Letter To The Congress, Stop Hanging! No To Strap Riders

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 9, 2009

We have expressed our complaints before Parliament. Why are we subjected to this travesty? You say it is good for the kingdom, the WWE Universe, but this is boulder dash. The rubbish nature of your antics have people irate at this blasphemy. The lads aren't cognizant or just are dazzled by what you offer.

Must we must again conjure up our loyalty? The shop-zone, the tickets, the traveling, the cheering, the risks, the expenses. We hope that you have received our letter about Mr. Benjamin before. This problem isn't on the horizon nor has it just come out of the oven, it has been sitting in the freezer.

Understand that we will not oppose your product and will remain faithful through thick and thin, but the envelope is being pushed. By the looks of it, the stamp is being licked as well. Please have recollection or reference of sorts to what has been and still is being done. Fathom the long term effects here.

The greatness of the product is still praised no matter the current emotions held and we take to the streets celebrating all that is done and yet there is nonsense. Everyone cannot be satisfied, but many things need to look into and considered if not justified. Strap riders have become quite the nuisance.

It has come to our attention that the established and seasoned ones have no need for the straps as the new comers, however they need not eat, drink, breathe, and live by the straps. Buckle up, this is the first of a series of strap riders. Below is a gathered, compromised resolved list focusing on the first strap rider, John Cena.

Cena gets a lot on his plate from all directions, but we aren't serving up the same plate. His abilities aren't questioned, they way parliament utilizes him is. He is the cash cow and he is adored by many subjects, but this is an outrage.


~DM Resolved 1: Cena defeats Big Show at Wrestlemania XX for the U.S. championship

~DM Resolved 2: Cena becomes WWE champion by defeating JBL at Wrestlemania XXI

~DM Resolved 3: Cena main events Wrestlemania 22 against Triple H for a WWE championship

~DM Resolved 4: Cena faces Shawn Michaels for the WWE championship at Wrestlemania 23

~DM Resolved 5: Cena is included in Wrestlemania 24's WWE title match

~DM Resolved 6: When was the last "Non-Title" feud that Cena was involved in?

~DM Resolved 7: Cena has been a title match in every Wrestlemania he's been involved in?

~DM Resolved 8: Will some other lads get the chance to hold the strap?

~DM Resolved 9: He cannot be used unless a title is involved

~DM Resolved 10: This year will be 5 straight years of World title bouts and 6 straight for a title in general at Wrestlemania


In closing statements, keep this letter in regard and consider these things. Cena isn't being down talked again, so no need for young lads or wise men coming to defend something for no apparent reason. The next letter will arrive soon, Parliament, look into the strap riders.