NHL Trade Deadline: An Analysis

Mike BogaczCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2008

Well, since I have no life, another NHL trade deadline has passed, now a few thoughts on trades that did and didn't happen. First off the biggest trade of the day saw Marian Hossa being traded to, not Montreal, which was, the ENTIRE day the destination for Hossa, but instead the Penguins swooped in at the VERY last minute and stole Hossa, because the Penguins lost out on the Tuomo Ruutu sweepstakes to the Hurricanes. The penguins gave up a lot of youth (and Crosby's best friend on the team in Colby Armstrong) for a not sure bet in Hossa, the penguins could of really shot them selves in the foot, if Hossa were to resign with the penguins, then Crosby, Malkin and Hossa will take up between 25-30 million of the cap space, another "big three" situation as we HAD in Tampa Bay.

But the lighting traded Brad Richards to the Dallas Stars. I don't think this is the best fit for either Richards nor the Stars. The Stars tend to play a defensive style, and win games 2-1. Richards, who plays JUST like his role model, Joe Sakic, plays a shooter/sniper game but has better puck/ice vision than Sakic and is able to have few more assists, but i still think its a bad fit, the only reason this trade happened was because Dallas was the only team willing to part with a goaltender, the belief was that the Blue Jackets had a very impressive deal for Richards, but they had no goalie. Richards would have been a better fit with the more wide open style of play of the Blue Jackets.

Speaking of the Blue Jackets, many thought they would of improved their chances of making the playoffs, until 500,000 bucks separated a deal between the team and Adam Foote.  This created a domino effect in Columbus, not only did they lose out on Brad Richards, they lost their captain. And now, they seem to have lost their chance at the FIRST ever playoff appearance. For Foote, the Avs gave up a first-round pick. Good to have you back footer. Of course that first round pick is what the Avs would have used to land Rob Blake, but no word if Blake didn't want to go back to the Avs, or if Blake couldn't go to the Avs because of the first-round draft pick going to Columbus, which the kings wanted for Blake, a first-rounder.

The trade deadline left people annoyed, confused and shocked. I have made it no secret since BEFORE the lock out that the Maple Leafs need to trade captain Mats Sundin, because BOTH the Leafs and Sundin need a fresh breath of air. The  leafs had FIVE players with no-trade clauses, ALL FIVE were NOT traded. This hampered the Leafs' rebuilding, Sundin, doing what you might think is the right thing, by refusing to not allow a trade, because he didn't want to turn his back on the Leafs, well sadly, Sundin HURT the Leafs by not allowing a trade, and THIS will haunt the Leafs for YEARS to come.

Pavel Kubina was set to help the Leafs by being traded to the Sharks for the Sharks' captain (where have you GONE Patrick Marleau?) Kubina axed the trade for Marleau at the VERY LAST minute.  If you want YOUR team to have the same fate as the Maple :eafs, who have not tasted the post season in THREE YEARS now. Then the no trade clause needs to NEVER happened again. The next CBA needs to have a NTC provision, veteran players (35 year old plus players) should be allowed a NTC if they sign MORE THAN a one year contract. For a comparison, the ONLY NBA player who has ANY type of trade veto power is the Lakers' Kobe Bryant. Again, the Toronto Maple Leafs HAVE FIVE players with trade veto power. This needs to end.

 The shocker was the trade of goalie Cristobel Huet to the Capitals, since sunrise the Habs were the front runners and the ONLY team to have a logical chance at Marian Hossa. Whats funny is the Atlanta Thrashers (Hossa's old team) were in Montreal to play the Canadiens tonight. Hossa was told by the Thrashers' higher ups to wait in his hotel room, and not even bother to show up to the Thrashers practice, within a half hour of the trade deadline, Hossa was finally traded, to PITTSBURGH.  

Hours before the Canadiens traded Huet to Washington for a second-round draft pick. Very odd trade, as the fourth place in the east, Habs are a sure thing to make the playoffs, now they will have pretty much ROOKIE goalies in net. So you cant help but feel bad for both the Canadiens and the Maple Leafs.