South Carolina Football: Gamecocks Will Lose If History's Poor Play Continues

Alex Roberts@@alexCoAbassCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2012

South Carolina Football: Gamecocks Will Lose If History's Poor Play Continues

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    People from all over the "innernets" have finally figured out how to beat the South Carolina Gamecocks. 


    You hear it all the time.  When discussing big games, fans always like to point out how history will keep them from winning the big games.  They point to history as the reason why they won't win any sort of championship. 

    History has completely ruined the 2012 South Carolina Gamecocks' chances. 

    I, for once, agree with the critics.  History's poor play can not continue.  Here is why history will not allow Gamecocks to win a national championship. 

History Has Struggled Passing

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    This year, History has not completed a pass. 

    This is appalling. 

    It's a complete farce that Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson have had to carry the passing load all by themselves.  It is ridiculous. 

    Sure, these two have combined for 1,243 yards with 13 touchdowns and only two picks, but History wins championships, guys. 

    History must pull its own weight, or the Gamecocks will not be able to win a championship. 

History Has Contributed Nothing to the Running Game

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    This is where History has really disappointed me. 

    Even though South Carolina's History has a Heisman Trophy for rushing, History has failed to gain any momentum in games. 

    History has rushed zero times for zero yards. 

    Again, that puts the entire load on Marcus Lattimore, who is an OK runner, but nowhere near the strength of History. 

    Again, History is what wins championships. 

    Remember that. 

History Just Can't Catch

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    Again, we're noticing a trend for these 2012 Gamecocks. 

    History hasn't caught a pass! 

    I mean, so many people have been expecting the Gamecocks History to really be their undoing, and this may be where it actually happens. 

    South Carolina has nothing but tiny and fast guys. They probably average like 4'6" and about 110 pounds.  History has been successful with guys over 6'3" tall.  History could get drafted by the Bears in the second round of the draft. 

    But no!  History has done absolutely nothing for this year's team. 

    It's a shame. 

History Has Done Nothing on Defense Either

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    Jadeveon Clowney needs more help than Just Devin Taylor.  And Chaz Sutton.  And Kelcy Quarles.  And Byron Jerideau. 

    He needs History on his side in order to be successful, obviously.  Since History hasn't helped on offense, maybe history can make some tackles, sack some quarterbacks or grab some interceptions. 


    History again, has shockingly done nothing to help this team win. 

History Will Be the Reason South Carolina Loses at LSU This Week

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    South Carolina has played well despite History's repeated attempts at ruining the 2012 team's play.

    History is apparently the most important aspect of a football team's play.  Without history, you can't do well. 

    That's why so many teams that have won national championships in the past have done so well recently. 

    If you look at the list of National Champions, you see a who's who of teams.  The BCS has only been around since 1998, but there have been many National Champions. 

    This history has allowed teams like Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Penn (not Penn State), Army, California, Cornell, Illinois, Iowa, Washington, Lafayette, Mississippi, SMU, TCU, Arizona State, Chicago, BYU, Centre (for what?), Colgate and Clemson to continue to be dominant forces in football. 

    It's called History, my friends. 

    South Carolina's current team is in trouble because of it.