Another Look at TNA and WWE During The Recession

Michael WollinCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

I wrote an article taking a look at the recession through WWE and TNA. After publishing, there has been a lot of comments left and there are some other things to address on the subject.

  • Dvd sales

    WWE dvd's are always in the top ten of sports DVDs. Last week alone WWE dvd's took eight spots on the top 10. TNA hasn't even been in the top 10 yet. One thing can be said about WWE and their DVDs, when you hear of a new DVD Vince will then pull the plug and change his mind.

    Is it because they can't afford it failing; or just can't afford to make it at all?
  • Overseas

    WWE is far bigger than TNA. WWE tours all over Europe, South America, and Asia. WWE television is seen more globally than TNA. Where TNA is just now starting to expand overseas. TNA impact is now seen on television in the U.K. and Australia. There is now a demand for TNA Inpact in New Zeland.

    As far as global touring, TNA has started to tour in the U.K. and did a tour in Ireland. They also have a working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling, and go over to Japan to take part in the Tokyo dome super-show starting in 2008.
  • WWE has a big one up on TNA's department stores because (not talking DVD sales) if you go to a wal-mart or target there is WWE apparel in most departments. TNA hasn't tried to sell their merchandise in department stores yet. (If anybody else that reads this has seen TNA Merchandise besides DVDs leave a comment)

  • Talent and Personnel

    It is true when WWE releases someone, they sign another person. They have an array of talent on the main roster and at Florida Championship Wrestling. The only argument I can say to that is usually, they are released within the year.  

    Other WWE releases were producers, referees, agents, and a Smackdown Writer. TNA has not renewed wrestlers contracts, TNA could not afford to re-sign some of them and others were stagnant. The creative team had nothing for them. The only releases with backstage personnel was Glenn Gilberti, Pat Kenny, and Scott D'Amore.

So looking at these subjects, it puts things into a different perspective. WWE is a much bigger company, but they are still hurting due to the economy.

Who is hurting more, WWE or TNA? TNA is still a small company that has growing to do. Mistakes for them have to be small. If they become huge can they handle damage control like WWE can? There are a lot of perspectives when it comes to this subject.

We all just have to wait and see what happens this year.