WWE: What You Missed on NXT, Main Event, Superstars and Saturday Morning Slam

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WWE: What You Missed on NXT, Main Event, Superstars and Saturday Morning Slam
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We're finally inching closer to Hell in a Cell, and tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw will be an important one to watch since we'll find out both the challenger for the WWE Championship and the challengers for the WWE Tag Team Championship.

But if all you're watching are shows like Raw and SmackDown, then you're missing some quality programming. Between Superstars, Main Event, NXT and Saturday Morning Slam, there's an additional three-and-a-half hours of programming you're missing out on.

But let's be honest: Few people can (or even want) to watch seven-and-a-half hours of WWE programming each week, 11 hours if there happens to be a PPV with a pre-show. Don't even get me started on adding TNA or ROH, streaming shows like WWE Vintage or even supporting your local wrestling promotion.

If you don’t have time to watch shows like NXT, Superstars, Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam, then you probably don’t have time to read lengthy reviews of each show, complete with commentary, predictions and cynical sidetracks. You're probably frustrated that you've already made it to the end of the fourth paragraph of this article and you have yet to read about any results from any show.

My "notes" version of all four shows is below.

If it piques your interest enough to read on, the slideshow breaks down the shows individually, segment by segment, complete with my questions and predictions. 

Bonus/note: On the Saturday Morning Slam slide, I ask you the same question that the WWE Superstars were asked during the "3rd Degree" segment. If you're one of the readers that likes to share their opinion as well, I'd be interested to hear yours. Hint: It has to do with your favorite entrance themes!

It should also be noted that I was unable to watch Saturday Morning Slam this week, so I will have to link to another detailed review. I don't personally have cable or TiVo, so I depend on an online stream to catch the show, and it didn't upload this week's episode.



On NXT, CM Punk made an appearance to check out NXT Champion Seth Rollins, who had his first successful title defense against challenger Mike McGillicutty.

Bo Dallas got a clean victory over Johnny Curtis, while Paige and Audrey Marie got a victory over Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox when Paige rolled up Fox for the pin.

Trent Baretta ran into Jake Carter backstage and set up a match for next week, and Leo Kruger dominated Dante Dash in a quick squash match.

The match between Rollins and McGillicutty alone would make watching the entire episode worth your time, especially since Punk and Ross joined the announcer's booth for the last match.

On Main Event, after another lengthy intro, The Big Show got the clean victory over Randy Orton. Orton did hit the RKO (but Show rolled out of the ring) and sold the injured ribs, so he didn't look bad.

The show ended with the second match, in which Kofi Kingston got a win over Mike McGillicutty. After the match, Main Event co-host The Miz interviewed Kofi, which resulted in a scheduled match for the next week's Main Event, Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship.

On Superstars, Wade Barrett got a victory over Tyson Kidd in a rematch from last week's Superstars, and Antonio Cesaro got a clean victory over Justin Gabriel. Both matches were solid.

Those were the only two matches this week. Everything else was filler or a Raw Rebound.

On Saturday Morning Slam, Intercontinental Champion The Miz defeated Justin Gabriel. This week had less filler and more action; they had two matches this week. Sin Cara got a victory over Jinder Mahal.

They focused on entrance theme music this week, as the "3rd Degree" asked the superstars for their all-time favorite themes, and we got an interview with the man behind most of those themes, Jim Johnston.

Now, if you care to read more about any of these happenings, please enjoy the slideshow.

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