Pro Wrestling: The Worst Wrestler/Fan Altercations in History

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Pro Wrestling: The Worst Wrestler/Fan Altercations in History
Independent women's wrestler Jessicka Havok tells a fan her feelings of him. (Photo courtesy of

The talk of the wrestling world has surrounded Monday night's conclusion to RAW, which saw WWE Champion CM Punk escape into the crowd, ultimately be provoked by multiple fans and strike one on live television. In this video, shot by a fan who was right near Punk during the incident, it is clear that multiple fans are attempting to touch Punk or the WWE Championship belt. All of these attempts are thwarted by Punk, who is supposed to be a heel character at this moment, if you recall.

Multiple times, Punk is seen being struck from behind, nearly falling down a step at one point. He also turned around at one point, posing what seemed to be a warning to the fan behind him by the looks of the superstar's body language.

Moments later, another strike from another fan sent Punk over the edge and he struck a fan behind him, possibly the one he had been warning just moments earlier. The identity of this fan is still speculation at this point.

WWE and CM Punk have both released statements about the incidents apologizing for the incident. WWE officials are apologetic for a lack of security near the champion to keep both him and the fans safe.

As for Punk, he has apologized in a statement for letting his emotions drive him to strike a fan, a first for him despite a long history of angering fans in his career. Punk had stayed relatively quiet on Twitter since the incident, mostly just retweeting kind words about his new DVD, which was released Tuesday.

This incident becomes another example of fans getting too close to the action and provoking a pro wrestler who is not afraid to strike someone if they feel threatened. Punk is just one superstar who has been involved in a situation where a fan has wished to get in the ring or put their hands on a performer.

It has actually been an all-too-common occurrence and one that will happen again in the future. Here is a list of ten close calls and incidents where wrestlers and fans collide.

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