The Real Reason Roy Williams Was Released by The Cowboys (Humor)

Michael NevinCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

Jerry Jones announced the real reason for the release of safety Roy Williams in a press conference this morning.  Apparently, it was too confusing having two Roy Williamses on the team.  I can understand the frustration. 

To be honest, I'm not even sure if I have the right Roy Williams in the picture above.  After searching through pictures of North Carolina's basketball coach for 15 minutes, I just picked one using "eenie meenie minie mo".

Some of the Cowboys' players were confused when Dallas traded for Roy during the season. 

"A few players asked about the trade," Wade Phillips said. "They were wondering why we were trading for Roy Williams when he was already on our team."

As the season wore on, constant confusion caused the Roy Williamses' tempers to flare.  Teammates constantly switched their jerseys when they weren't looking. There was a constant fight over the domain name "".  One Roy Williams got the Texas license plate "RWILMS", the other had to settle for "RWILMZ".

"Fan mail was probably the worst," an unidentified Roy Williams told me. "I was constantly getting his and he was getting mine."

The other Williams disagreed.

"I hated it when someone would call my name.  Roy and I would both turn to look.  Our teammates thought it was funny to do this, but it was just annoying."

By the end of the season, enough was enough.  Both of the Roys went to owner Jerry Jones to work out their problem.  In the end, they decided it was best for one of them to leave.

Jones and Phillips were not sure which Roy Williams they released.  It just so happened that they released Roy Williams, the safety.