The Nickel: The Ball Is in Your Court, RAW

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 9, 2009

World Heavyweight Championship Wrestlemania Contract Signing

Excuse me, but didn't John Cena say he would follow Vickie until he got his rematch? Well, he got it, and Edge beat him.

Yet Cena continues his chase for the title, because he is a title chaser. Dammit! Can the man have a feud not involving a world title? He still shows up, beats the crap out of Big Show and Edge (which he couldn't do last week) and manages to share a "secret" with Vickie Guerrero.

WWE had to find some way to bring in Show in and then Cena back. Hopefully ink will hit the paper and we can have the first title match locked up.

Afterwards, someone will get slammed through the contract table. It's like an unwritten rule; it just has to happen.

Resetting the Game

Triple H better have a new pocketful of coins for the arcade, because the last game ended horribly on Smackdown and he'll be looking for a retaliatory round.

Orton definitely attacked Triple H on Smackdown, constituting the "physical provocation" necessary for retaliation. The question is, do Orton's actions enable Triple H to fight back some more on RAW, or does Orton have to attack the Game again?

Trips is going to have to pull a hat trick here; he should be grateful if Orton punts or RKOs him. Legacy is rising to dominance and he is the only one who can stop them, but will he?

Triple and his nose will be sniffing for revenge.

MITB: The Last RAW Spot

Since we're in rough economic times, the bank can only provide for three RAW, three Smackdown and two ECW superstars to be chosen.

CM Punk and Kane have been chosen or RAW. So with one spot left, who wilL it be?

I got my money on Kofi Kingston. He's practically a shoe-in unless there's really trouble in paradise for the star. He should at least be on the the last qualifier.


A "Nickel" or two back, I argued that Regal and Punk fought too much. Since then, they have rarely fought. As a matter of fact, Regal hasn't even been seen since.

Now, Wrestlemania fever is catching fire, and Regal is nowhere to be seen. I don't think this is a good time to go vacationing in England. He better grab Layla and come back soon. Maybe he'll face Kofi Kingston for the last MITB qualifier.

Time to see where the English man stands tonight. Is he a go-go, or still a no-show?

The Rest of the Night

We'll get Jericho cutting another promo with a legend. He does an excellent job, so there's no worries.

Priceless is looking pretty worthless right now. These guys are our future, yet they've stopped talking (and now stopped wrestling). Hopefully they can actually wrestle tonight rather than stand by Orton, who most likely is talking about how he loved kicking someone in the head due to his illness.

The Divas? Only Beth interests me, and ever since Melina won the women's title, it's been dull. I can only hope for Santino.