India Vs New Zealand Fourth ODI Preview

Vishrut AggarwalCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

India will be playing their fourth ODI against New Zealand on March 11 2009. If they win this ODI they will win the series. So they will be aiming to win the match.

But their are some problems. Well they are minor but still we can't ignore them.

Unfortunately Sachin Tendulkar is not playing in this ODI due to his stomach muscle injury. So who will play instead of him?

Rohit Sharma wouldn't be a good choice as he is not in good form. But we should not forget Ravindra Jadeja who has so far performed reasonably well in the matches he has played. So he should be a good choice.

Yuvraj Singh has played really well in the last ODI and will be looking to get a good score in the fourth one. People also expect a lot from him.

All eyes will be on Skipper M.S.Dhoni as he has performed well in all the matches he has played in this series.

Virender Serhwag is a good hitter and is in red hot form right now. So what if he did not do well in the third ODI he can make up for it in the fourth one. If he provides a good momentum to the Indian innings India can build on it and put up a good score or reach their target quickly.

Gautam Gambhir has not done well in the last two ODIs India have played. He didn't get a chance in the first ODI. He is batting at number 3 and who knows if he puts up a good show in the fourth ODI.

Suresh Raina is a good smasher. If he smashes the ball around and gets even 30-40 runs on the board he can help India to chase a target or put up a good score on the board. He has one well in the past few matches.

Yusuf Pathan also smashes. But he has not been very lucky in this series. He can get some useful wickets and also smash if needed. So look out for him. who knows if he will be lucky this time.

Harbhajan Singh has been very useful and dangerous. He has done a tight bowling in the T20 as well as the ODIs and also grabbed wickets. So far so good. Who knows what will happen in the fourth ODI.

Well I have said "who knows" a lot of times. But I know that if these players do reasonably well India have a good chance of winning.