Help a Fellow Bleacher Creature Overcome His Writer's Block

Mike KentSenior Writer IMarch 9, 2009

Three days ago I woke up at 7:00 a.m., and at 7:05 the computer was on and I was trying to think about the next thing to write about in article No. 34, but nothing came to me. 

So I said to myself that maybe after a good breakfast I would be in better shape to write article 34. At 7:40, after two bulls eyes and toast, I was on the computer and trying to think about what to write, but nothing came.

Thinking to myself that this may just be a bad morning, I took a six-hour break from Bleacher Report to watch some recorded WBC games and read a book.

At 13:10, I was back on the computer trying to think about what to write, and again nothing came to my head.

I ended up not writing an article that day, which is OK if it happens once in a while. But it did not stop there, this is the first article I have written in four days and this is not even a sports article.

I am not looking good right now.

After two months and 33 articles on Bleacher Report (34 after this one), I am actually running out of what to write.

I did do a good job on this site—I am an analyst, I have 54 fans, I have 7,808 article reads, and 13 POTDs (and this is all before I published this article). 

But look at me now, writing this article is proof that I can't think of anything smart to write on B/R.

Every time I get close to an idea of what to write about, writers like Nick Carlo, Wendy Adair, and Richard Marsh steal it from me and get their the enjoyment of writing and seeing there articles do well.

Does this happens to anybody else? If yes, I would like to know if this is just a phase or will haunt me forever?

Does anybody know a way out of this trauma?

If you do, please tell me how to get out of this mess.

Mike Kent also writes on a Wiki of the New York Mets called the Met Wiki. All and any help would be very much appreciated. If there are any questions, you can write on my wall.