Creature Vs. Creature: Results After KOBALT Tools 500

Ben BombergerSenior Writer IMarch 9, 2009

Once again, our esteemed panel of writers fared well in their NASCAR picks.

The Dirty South was kind to all but one of our writers' drivers. David Phillips' pick of Bobby Labonte brought home an unimpressive 40th place showing.

Fortunately, Phillips had enough of a lead built over sixth and seventh place Kelly Crandall and LJ Burgess, to maintain his top five status.

Our top pick of the week came from MJ Buchanan, who's selection of Jeff Gordon came home in second.

The second-place finish was enough to bump MJ to second place in the Creature vs. Creature standings.

S.M. Napier again proved he knows what he's doing when it comes to picks, as his selection of Carl Edwards finished third—and almost pulled off the win.

Here are a look at the picks, how they did and the new standings:


S.M. Napier—Carl Edwards, finished third, 695 points and one win.

MJ Buchanan—Jeff Gordon, finished second, 610 points.

Ben Bomberger—Jimmie Johnson, finished ninth, 597 points.

Adam Heasley—Dale Earnhardt Jr., finished 11th, 550 points and one win.

David Phillips—Bobby Labonte, finished 40th, 431 points.

Kelly Crandall—Dale Earnhardt Jr., finished 11th, 388 points.

LJ Burgess—Kyle Busch, finished 18th, 338 points.


The panel takes the weekend off with the Sprint Cup Series, and will return the next week to try and select a winner at Bristol.

Can Kurt Busch win two in a row? He's had success at the half-mile bull-ring.

P.S.: Was anyone else as surprised as I was at the number of empty seats in the crowd?