Vincent Kennedy McMahon: Method to the Madness

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

We have all heard the stories recently. McMahon is becoming paranoid backstage. He is being hard to work with. He is snapping at the creative team and other key staff members. Some have even called Vince "grumpy" and "insane."

My question?

What's the difference? 

Seriously, what is the difference between the way Vince is acting now and the way he has acted the last 10 years? Everyone already knows Vince is an egomaniac, so what's the big deal?

Well, the general idea is that Vince's new obsession is with stopping leaks of information to the Internet. He is especially upset over this, considering Wrestlemania 25 is on the horizon. And with his new obsession, Vince is apparently changing plans anytime something big gets out.

Seriously. Whoopdy doo.

Why are fans getting so upset about this? I'm not saying all fans because this is by no means an attack on anyone, but there has been a small group of fans outraged by Vince's reaction to the Internet wrestling community.

Hasn't one of the biggest criticisms of WWE over the past years been that they don't surprise us enough anymore? That they don't go out of their way to give us a good show? That Vince is losing his dedication to the product?

So, why are people suddenly in an uproar over Vince doing exactly that? The WWE has been doing everything to make this year's Wrestlemania memorable. Austin in HOF, contacting Hogan for an appearance, Michaels vs. Undertaker, the Divas Battle Royal.

What about No Way Out and the huge surprises that show had for us?

Or Matt turning on his brother back at the Royal Rumble?

All these point to a company that is hard at work trying to re-envision the product. Sure, some of the things that get out are things we want to happen and they end up getting changed (Christian as Jeff Hardy's attacker anyone?), but I for one am always up for a little unpredictability.

And the fact that Vince is so obsessed over something that he thinks is ruining his product should officially lay waste to any claims that he no longer cares about wrestling anymore. If you spent years working on a book and then somebody told everyone the ending before you published it, wouldn't you be a little angry? I would.

Is Vince overreacting? Maybe. Taking it too far? From what I hear. Am I saying that we should stop spreading spoilers? By all means, no.

There are many fans who like that kind of thing. On occasion I will even read them, and I find information about backstage happenings to be fascinating. There are people who even make a living off reporting spoilers.

So by all means, the IWC should stay up. What are we going to do, say, "Oh, Vince is angry because we told on him. Well, I guess that's it, boys and girls, let's go home"?

No. No. No.

All I'm saying is take it easy on the old man. He may act insane and crazy, but he is really doing it with the product's best interest at heart. Let him keep doing what he does best and we will do what we do best, piss him off. Just not to his face.

Because there really is a method to his madness.