Donovan McNabb Will Make the Hall of Fame

Captain FantabulousCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

Sure, a superbowl ring will help no end, but I think Mcnabb will make it anyway, if he stays healthy for another few years. First ballot, no way, but he'll get in. He’s put up consistent numbers, over a long period, which really help his case.


Let’s look at passing yardage. Donovan is 32, with almost 30’000 yards. If he plays another 4-5 years, he will probably have over 45’000 yards, putting him top 10 all time, pushing top 5. If they are big seasons, or more of them, he could threaten top 3.


Passing touchdowns, he is on close to 200. Another 4 seasons could see him hit around 280,  which is top 10 all time. He could play longer and break 300, which is again top 5 all time.


He could very easily go top 5 on completions as well, and retire with an 80+ career passer rating. And all of the above is not allowing for the fact that he could well play on past 36.


And let’s not forget his biggest weapon, looking after the ball.  Number 5 has 90 picks, in 10 seasons. Averaging under 10 picks a season is unbelievable. Then you take into account that he has 7 season out of 10 where he has threw less than 10 picks. Manning and Brady have only done this once in their careers.


McNabb was the first quarterback in football history to throw 30+ touchdowns, and less than 10 picks in a season. Only Manning has equalled it. McNabb also holds the record for most completions in a row at 24. And he will more than likely retire with the lowest interception percentage in football history. That's big.


To conclude, if Mcnabb wins the big game he’s a shoe-in. Maybe first ballot. But he’s in anyway, in my book, if he has 3-4 more good seasons. Purely on the basis that he will be top 10 all time on most quarterback stats.  Possibly top 5 on a lot of them, and probably the lowest interception percentage in the history of pro football.


Like him or not, stats help Donovan, and they generally don’t lie.