MLB Playoff Predictions 2012: Why Detroit Tigers Are World Series Bound

Dan DeezContributor IIOctober 9, 2012

Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera are two big reasons that the Detroit Tigers are World Series Bound
Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera are two big reasons that the Detroit Tigers are World Series BoundDavid Maxwell/Getty Images

The Detroit Tigers are poised to keep on rolling all the way to the World Series.  They won eight of their last 10 games in the regular season and are now up two games to none on a stunned Oakland A's.  This Tigers team has all the momentum needed for a deep playoff run.

Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer and Miguel Cabrera are three of the hottest players in the playoffs right now.  The A's may take Game 3 in the ALDS, but they won't be able to get by Scherzer and Verlander in Game 4 and Game 5.  Cabrera will be there to help make sure of that.

Verlander has been dominant all season and is proving he knows how to succeed in the playoffs.  Whether the Tigers face the New York Yankees or the Baltimore Orioles in the ALCS, pitching is going to play a big role in determining who wins.  Verlander has looked unstoppable as of late (winning his last five decisions), and he is showing no signs of letting up.

Scherzer has quietly dominated hitters over the past few months.  His ankle isn't 100 percent after celebrating too much last week, but he is expected to be ready to go if the Tigers need him for Game 4 of the ALDS.  He has been the constant that the Tigers needed in the second half of the season and is ready to take them all the way to the World Series.  He's put up an 8-2 mark since the All-Star break and opponents are hitting a mere .229 in that span.  As long as he comes back healthy and ready to pitch, you can pencil in his start as another Tiger's victory.

That brings us to Miguel Cabrera, Mr. Triple Crown himself.  All this guy does is hit the ball and get on base.  He started the playoffs with a whimper, going 0-for-3 with a walk, so we can expect that to be out of his system.  He responded in Game 2 with three hits and a run scored, numbers we are more used to seeing from him. 

Cabrera can single-handedly win a game for the Tigers, especially when guys like Verlander and Scherzer are giving up one run and striking out 10.  The A's have already seen that the Tigers have the firepower to win close games down the stretch.  Soon, the Yankees or Orioles will have the displeasure of finding out the same thing.

You might think that just three regular guys do not make an entire team, and you would be right.  However, we aren't dealing with three regular players.  Verlander, Scherzer and Cabrera are all award-winning caliber players.  They can change an inning, a game and even a series.  When the dust settles, you can expect to see the Tigers fighting for the World Series trophy for only the second time in the last 25 years.