Manchester City News, Not Guesswork

True BlueCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

As anyone who has read my postings previously will know I am definitely NOT a fan of the journalistic community.

The first sign that Manchester City are running short on patience came last week when a report suggested that City were to bid £100m for Messi.

The newpaper in question has printed an apology and accepted that its story was untrue and should never have been printed.

Since then the stories about Manchester City have become somewhat more realistic.

They are fewer in number, but I wold suggest they are far nearer the truth than they have been for some time.

Although we cannot say that Manchester City are 'allowing' truthful reports to be printed ergo what appears in print must be true, we can deduce that the reports we need of the plans, activities and interests of Manchester City are much nearer the mark than they have been.

So here are the best bits of info with as much credence as can be provided.

Manchester City are planning a massive investment in the 'bricks and mortar' of the club infrastructure with an extension of the ground and a new training complex to be built close by COMS on land recently acquired.

The language coming from the club suggests that they are partners in the redevelopment of East Manchester, but it may be that the new training facility will allow the club to buy the stadium and expand it.

It is highly unlikely that the City Council could generate any forward motion for years to come so MCFC are now in the box seat. MCFC are also re-structuring their foreign involvements and are likely to utilise Abu Dhabi for summer camps etc.

The youth structure at MCFC is to receive a 'massive capital boost' with tens of millions to be invested in people and overseas facilities in the coming decade.

If M. Platini doesn't shut up he may be made to look rather foolish as MCFC has every intention of offering grass roots investment across the globe in order to build a real,. impactful brand.

The fanciful commentary that seems to be focused around certain Abu Dhabi businessmen at present are merely the ramblings of an unhappy ex-spokesman.

However there are plans to invest substantially in players in the summer.

One thing that seems certain is that the current manager will remain in place and will work with the owners to create a team 'capable of being competitive in all competitions'

The new look management team has several high flying peeps in there with marketing, branding and other ing type departments being re-inforced.

The development of the club seems to be going well and the organisational capacity within MCFC seems to be second to none.

There is likely to be a new kit supplier sometime soon but there are some worries that a  further change would burden fans with additional costs, but there are some suggestions that every season ticket purchase will come complete with a new style kit.

It is also hoped that the 'Junior Blues' brand will resurface in line with the new international needs of a world club.

Well, I hope that what I have written is fair and accurate, and if I hear anything else I will post it here as soon as is legally possible ;-).