Montreal Canadiens: What Does 5-1, 2-0, and 3-1 Add Up To?

Charles L. GareCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

The Montreal Canadiens last three road games add up to a total of eight goals against, with four goals for the Habs.

A 5-1 loss against Buffalo, a 2-0 shut out lose against Atlanta, and a 3-1 win against the Stars in Dallas.

The shots on their own net, I don't even want to think about. That number is over the top.

The majority of Canadiens fans want to dump the loses on Price and Halak. Now, I agree they could both play better, but I think they are both in shell shock.

Those responsible for scoring and defending the net have not exactly being doing a bang-up job. In Buffalo, Carey couldn't stop anything. In Atlanta, he stopped thirty shots but still lost. In Dallas, they only got one puck behind him, along with a Dallas forward placed there neatly by Tom Kostoupolis, resulting in a power play.

There were nine power plays against, and one for the Canadiens. At one point there where more Canadiens in the penalty box than on the bench—or so it seemed.

It was good to see Andrei Kostitsyn score again his first point since Habs-Gate, and then Kovalev, and finally Higgins. The Canadiens are coming home now to begin a nine-game homestand starting with Edmonton, whom they didn't fair well against in Alberta.

The same thing happened while in Vancouver with a bad lose, but when the Canucks came to Montreal they were shut-out. So as for what will happen on Tuesday I have no idea.  But Carey seems to be picking his game up again so maybe the flu that touched Halak was a good thing.

Not that Halak was doing a poor job—he certaintly wasn't—but Price needed to get back to basic's and start winning again. The Habs have gotten back into fifth place with the win on Sunday but there is still a lot of teams breathing down their necks.

So this homestand will show us whether they will be up to the challenge or not. if they can win the major amount of the games while on their own ice, then I would say they should come out it in a good position.

Finally, let's just say GO HABS GO—and leave it at that!