Virginia Tech Football: Hokies to Unveil Yet Another New Helmet Against Duke

Austin Porter@@aporte11Correspondent IIIOctober 8, 2012

The Virginia Tech Hokies are planning on showcasing a new uniform combination for their homecoming game against Duke.

Thanks to the Twitter account of Virginia Tech's equipment room, we have a photo of the new helmets the Hokies are set to wear this Saturday.

Flashy uniforms have taken over the college football landscape, and the Hokies are no exception.

How is that working out for Frank Beamer and company?

In 2012, Tech is 3-3 with numerous record-breaking a bad way. 

Look, the eye-catching jerseys that permeate the college game have their place for schools with brand-name alumni or teams desperate for national attention.

However, this is Virginia Tech. This is Beamerball.

This is a unit that carries a lunch pail to work every day and beats opponents by outworking them, not by winning the costume contest.

It used to, at least.

Now, today's Hokies are all about uniform combinations and special "maroon or orange effects" for games.

Take note of this, Virginia Tech. Jot this down, Nike, Tech's official apparel sponsor.

When you are a pick-em choice at home against Duke, no one is impressed. 

As a loyal Hokie fan, I have essentially deemed the 2012 season a lost cause. Thus, I expect the following.

Go ahead and wear the fancy jersey arrangements the rest of the season.

Proceed to lose to Duke on homecoming and sneak out a bid to the Belk Bowl, if you are lucky.

Get outworked and out-coached like you have in EVERY game this season.

But, when that 2013 season rolls around, the Hokie fan base better see no more than two uniform combinations. Strictly maroon helmets, jerseys, and pants at home with white uniforms on the road.

Get back to your identity, Hokies. Stop trying to be like Oregon and West Virginia with the holographic color schemes.

Do your home work and get back to Beamerball form. That's when you were good. That's when teams feared the Hokies.

And next year, don't forget your lunch pail.