WWE 13: Universe, Online and Creative Details Announced Today

Cody Guinn@@CKissGuinnContributor IIIOctober 8, 2012

via gamingsedge.com
via gamingsedge.com

THQ and the team that puts together WWE video games have really went all out this year on WWE 13. Already announced has been the return of the Attitude Era, one of the deepest roster pools of all-time, and now the deepest pool of DLC in WWE gaming history. Today, the list of improvements continue.

First, IGN.com went into detail on the changes to the creation options, including the already announced improvements to create-an-arena. This year, you won't only have the option to change the ring and ringside, but you will able to completely change the stage and audience as you see fit.

Also, this year, both PS3 and Xbox 360 players will have an equal number of layers to use while creating a superstar, which will ease the tension between me and my 360 buddies.

One of my personal favorite features is the create-a-story mode, which was basically completely the same in WWE 12 as it was the year before, but this year, we will see over 300 brand-new cut scenes available.

Creation mode for the WWE games have always been top-notch, but the fact that the servers have been terrible have really put a damper on the option the past few years. This year, THQ has nearly guaranteed that the servers will be much improved, and that this year, we will have the option to downloaded something from content creations online, edit the piece we downloaded to our liking and then uploaded again.

While the creation content servers seems like it will be much improved, so will the match latency issues from past years. THQ has also added a "fair fight" option this year, which will allow users to only use default settings and superstars.

Now, to one of the best parts of WWE gaming: Universe Mode.

For WWE 13, THQ brought in Paul Heyman to guide them in creating one of the deepest and most true-to-life game modes in wrestling history.

Heyman said in an interview with IGN.com that, "The more the gamer can control the environment, and choose which way they can take the experience, the more cutting edge your product will be.” This alone should have fans drooling ready to get their hands on WWE 13, but there is more to the game mode.

This year, Universe Mode 3.0 will allow users to fully customize the week whether it be adding shows or deleting shows completely. You also will have the option to turn off injuries and the scenarios that break up tag teams during simulations. One of my favorite new additions is the fact that if you are over your current Universe and decide you want to do something new, you can reset it back to the default settings and start all over again.

With all of that plus the brand-new statistics option that keeps tracks of everything from rankings to title reigns, this year's WWE 13 Universe Mode looks to just be another option to keep users playing this game nonstop until WWE 14.

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