WWE Vs. TNA: Dream Card No. 2

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

In this article, I have created many, many matches pitting WWE superstars against TNA superstars. I have used current champions from both rosters, but I have developed my own match types. However, I will also be using some of the original match types as well (Hell in a Cell, Ultimate X, Monster's Ball, etc.). This is my second WWE vs. TNA Dream Card.

WWE & TNA Presents "Rage in a Cage" (4-19-09)

This PPV is very similar to TNA's PPV "Lockdown". But instead of every match being competed in a normal Steel Cage, all of the matches will be contested inside the Hell In A Cell.

Match No. 1

Ten Team Over the Top Battle Royal for the TNA Tag Team Championship

Beer Money Inc. vs. Miz & John Morrison vs. LAX vs. Team 3D vs. Carlito & Primo vs. Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder vs. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed vs. Cryme Tyme vs. Cody Rhodes & Ted Dibiase vs. The Hardy Boyz

From the start, the reigning champions Beer Money Inc. was at a disadvantage. But they held their own here. The first team to be eliminated was Lethal & Creed. Team 3D would double team Creed and eliminate Creed and Lethal. The next teams to go would be Primo & Carlito, Cryme Tyme, LAX, Miz and Morrison, & Hawkins and Ryder leaving the final four consisting of Team 3D, Beer Money, Hardy Boyz, and Rhodes & Dibiase. Rhodes and Dibiase squared off against Team 3D as Beer Money squared off agianst the Hardys. After hitting the What's Up on Dibiase, Brother DeVon went outside and brought in a table. But when DeVon sets up the table inside the ring, Matt and Jeff hits Team 3D from behind. Matt twist of fates Brother Ray and signals Jeff to go for the swanton. But as Jeff climbs to the rop, James Storm shoves Hardy off the top rope causing the Hardys to be eliminated. As Storm celebrates, DeVon gets behind Storm and when Storm turns around DeVon picks up Storm and 3D's Storm through the table. Brother Ray picks up Storm and tosses Storm over the top rope to eliminate the current tag champions. But in a split second of doing that, Rhodes and Dibiase rose to their feet and tosses both DeVon and Brother Ray over the top rope and becomes the new TNA Tag Team Champs.


Match No. 2

Dog Collar Steel Chain Match

Abyss vs. Kane

Just like their match from "Night of Retribution", this was just so violent and brutal. And the steel chain would come into effect many, many times. They would whip each with the chain, hang each other with it, and also wrapping the chain around their fist and beat each other with it which bust opens both men. Just nearly everything they could do with the chain they did it.

Midway into the match, Abyss starts to bring out some of his weapons, which includes a steel chair, a table, and two bags (one containing thumb tacks and one containing broken glass). Abyss first sets the table up on the outside between the ring and the cell. Abyss rolls back into the ring and tries to open up one of the bags but when he does Kane hits Abyss from behind with the steel chair. Kane wraps his big hand around Abyss' throat and prepares to chokeslam him. But Abyss counters and whips Kane into the rope and hits the Black Hole Slam on Kane. Abyss goes for the cover but Kane kicks out. Abyss then positions the chair in the middle of the ring and once again whips Kane into the ropes but this time he Black Hole Slams Kane onto the steel chair! But Kane is still able to kick out. With Abyss not thinking right and frustrated that Kane kicked out of two Black Hole Slams, Abyss goes to the top rope and when he leaps off Kane catches Abyss and hits the chokeslam. But Kane is too weaken to go for a cover.

Kane too goes to the top rope but Abyss gets up, grabs the steel chair and hits Kane with it. Kane falls and crashes through the table on the outside. With Kane on the outside, Abyss opens up both bags and spreads the tacks and broken glass on the canvas. Abyss drags Kane back into the ring by the steel chain. Whips Kane into the ropes and for the thrid time, Black Hole Slams Kane but this time onto the thumb tacks and broken glass and gets the pin on Kane for the win.


Match No. 3

Triple Threat Match for the X-Division Championship

Alex Shelly vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Evan Bourne

This match went at a fevourish fast pace. Bourne and Mysterio brought most of the high flying offense with Shelly staying more to the gound. All three men would team up at one point and double team the odd man. One incredible move in the match was when Shelly and Mysterio fighting on the outside, Bourne goes to the top and hits his five star shooting star press taking out himself along with Shelly and Mysterio. Bourne and Mysterio gets up and hard irish whips Shelly into the side of the cell which takes out Shelly for a little while. Bourne and Mysterio put on one hell of a back and forth fast paced match back inside the ring. Mysterio then dropkicks Bourne and sets Bourne up in the 619 position. Mysterio hits the 619 on Bourne but out of nowhere Chris Sabin (Tag partner of Alex Shelly) comes from under the ring and hits Mysterio with a steel chair. Shelly gets up and goes to the top rope and hits his own shooting star press onto Bourne to retain his X-Division Title.  


Match No. 4

TNA Knockouts Championship

Beth Phoenix vs. Awesome Kong

Kong and Beth makes history here. Being the first and only two women to fight in a Hell in a Cell Match. This match became much better then their match from "Night of Retribution." Kong was overpowering Beth for the majority of the match. But then Kong removes one of the turnbuckle coverings and sets Beth in the corner to deliver a big splash. Beth is able to move out of the way and Kong runs right into the exposed steel ring. Beth slides out the ring and grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Beth delivers two hard blows to Kong but Kong still doesn't fall. Beth goes for a third swing but Kong ducks and picks up Beth to deliver a hard samoan drop. Kong gets up and then splashes Beth for the win.  


Match No. 5

Escape Match for the Intercontinental Championship

Samoa Joe vs. CM Punk

The rules to this match is that one of the competitors most bring in a ladder, set the ladder up, climb the ladder, and climb up and out the top of the Hell in a Cell to win.

Just like their previous match up, the fans start to chant "Joe's Gonna Kill You!" Before either men brings in a ladder, they just deliver a solid wrestling match for about the first ten to twelve minutes.  After countering the GTS, Joe is able to get the advantage on Punk and drops Punk to the Muscle Buster. Joe then goes and gets a ladder from under the ring. When Joe brings in the ladder, he just punishes Punk with it. Dropping the ladder onto Punk, setting the ladder in the corner and whips Punk into the ladder, and also suplexing Punk into the ladder. After punishing Punk with the ladder, Joe sets the ladder up and prepares to climb out of the cell. As he does though, Punk begins to gets up. Joe sees Punk getting up and jumps from the ladder but somehow Punk is able to catch Joe and hits the GTS. Punk then climbs the ladder but Joe gets up and powerbombs Punk off the ladder. Joe grabs the ladder and places it flat in the ring. Joe then sets Punk up in the corner and Muscle Busters Punk onto the ladder! Joe then sets the ladder back up and begins to climb. But Joe sees Punk starting to move so Joe climbs back down, kicks Punk in the head about four or five times. Then Joe gets a steel chair and sets Punk on his knees. As Joe raises the chair to hit Punk with it, Punk hits a low blow on Joe and then DDT's Joe onto the chair. Punk then climbs the ladder but Punk is so weak now its taking him a while. Joe also gets up and begins to climb the ladder. Both men finally reaches the top. They both grab the steel fence that holds the cell up. the ladder then falls and Punk and Joe are just hanging there. Joe is able to kick Punk in the face and Punk falls to the ring. Joe gets his strength and after 37 minutes of hell, Joe is able to make his way out of the top of the cell to win his first ever IC Title.


Match No. 6

Best 2-of-3 Falls Match

Shawn Michaels vs. AJ Styles

Like their previous match, the fans from the start begin to chant "This is Awesome." The first fall was almost an exact replica of their first meeting. After about 18 minutes of pure wrestling, AJ is able to hit the Styles Clash but Michaels is able to kick out. AJ picks Shawn up and prepares to deliver his own sweet chin music to HBK. As AJ goes for the superkick, Shawn ducks and when AJ turns around Shawn delivers his own sweet chin music to Styles. Shawn goes for the cover but shockingly Styles kicks out. Then as Shawn picks up AJ, AJ is able to get the quick small cradle on Shawn and wins the first fall. Shawn then gets up all raged and just starts whelling on AJ. Shawn then goes get a steel chair and just smashes AJ's face which busted open AJ. After that, AJ just begins to poor blood.

After about six or seven minutes of Shawn busting open AJ, Shawn scoops slams AJ to the mat to set up for the elbow drop. Shawn hits the elbow drop and then nips up. Shawn begins to warm up sweet chin music then proceeds to kicks AJ's teeth down his throat. But AJ is able to stop sweet chin music and then puts Shawn into the Styles Clash position, moves over to the chair and Styles Clashes HBK onto the chair. Styles goes for the pin but Shawn kicks out. AJ all shocked that Shawn kicked out, he picks up the steel chair but as he tries to hit Shawn with it Shawn nips up again and sweet chin musics the chair right into AJ's face. Shawn gets the win and moves the match to the third fall.  

So far the match has gone 40 minutes. Both men are very weak. Styles is still bloody. Both men uses each other to stand up. AJ pushes Shawn away but Shawn delivers another superkick. Both men lay in the ring for about 30 seconds. Then as both men start to get up, Shawn goes for a big right fist but AJ ducks and hits the "pay lay" on Shawn. AJ goes for the pin but Shawn is able to get a shoulder up. AJ then goes to the top rope and tries to deliver a dropkick. But Shawn catches AJ in mid-air and locks in the figure four leg lock on AJ. After trying and trying to get to the rope while losing all that blood, AJ passes out to the figure four and Shawn scores the the third fall and wins the match. After the match as the referee's helps AJ out of the ring, the fans gives AJ a standing ovation. That match ends at 51 minutes and nine seconds.


Match No. 7

Lethal Lockdown

Triple H, Jeff Jarrett, John Cena, & Big Show vs. Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Edge, & Chris Jericho

If you don't know the rules to Lethal Lockdown, here they are: One member from each team starts the match and wrestles for five minutes. After the five minutes are up, a new competitor enters the match and from there each competitor comes out every two minutes. You can only get a pin fall or submission after everybody has entered the match.

Cena and Chris Jericho start things off here. They put on a good fight for the first five minutes. The next man to enter is Edge. Edge and Jericho begins to double team Cena. They both throw Cena into the cell which cut opens Cena. Edge then hits the spear to Cena and then Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho. The next participant is Triple H. Right of the gate Triple H is all fired up. Taking out both Jericho and Edge with hard slams and hard right fists. Angle is the next man to enter the match. As Triple H attempts to pedigree Jericho, Angle gets behind Triple H and delivers an Olympic Slam. The whole time Cena and Edge are fighting on the outside. After hitting Triple H with the Olympic Slam, Angle locks in the ankle lock. 

While Angle has the ankle locked in, Jarrett enters the match next and he brings his signature guitar with him. Jarrett smashes Angle with the guitar which is able to free Triple H. Jarrett then begins to fight Angle. Orton is the last to enter for his team. And as Triple H gets to his feet, Orton gets poised to deliver a RKO. But as Orton tries to hit the RKO, Triple H counters and hits Orton with a pedigree. Triple H gets up but then gets his head smashed by a steel chair from Jericho with bust opens Triple H up.

Big Show is the last to enter. He comes in and chokeslams Jericho. He goes for the pin but Edge interrupts the count. Cena sets up a table on the outside. Cena gets onto the apron, lifts up Edge and FU's Edge through the table. Out of nowhere comes in Angle and hits the Olympic Slam on the Big Show. Jarrett comes in and hits Angle with a steel chair. Then hits Angle with the Stroke onto the steel chair. Jarrett goes for the cover but Orton hits Jarrett with another steel chair to break up the count. Orton then picks up Jarrett and delivers a RKO. Orton goes for the pin but Triple H slides Orton out of the ring and throws Orton into the cell. That rips open Orton's head. Triple H throws Orton back into the ring. But before, Triple H grabs his signature sledgehammer. As Triple H prepares to hit Orton with the hammer, Jericho distracts Triple H and hits the codebreaker. Orton then gets up and delivers a RKO to Triple H. Orton covers Triple H but Triple H kicks out. Orton all POed, sets up a steel chair, grabs Triple H, and RKO Triple H onto the steel chair and gets the victory for his team.


Match No. 8

TNA Heavyweight Championship

The Undertaker vs. Sting

The rematch that everybody wanted to see. 'Taker tries to wrestle this match more differently then from the first time around. He went for submissions very early on in the match. Sting does a good job of countering the Deadman. After trying to go for the hell's gate, 'Taker just throws Sting over the top rope and onto the floor. 'Taker picks Sting up and tosses him into the cell. That then lacerates Sting. Sting begins to bleed like a stuck pig. Undertaker picks Sting back up and just throws Sting into the cell again but Sting gets thrown through the cell. Undertaker becomes way more vicious as the match progresses. 'Taker then moves outside and clears off two announce tables. He lays Sting on one announce table and gets on another. Undertaker then runs and drops a huge leg drop on Sting through the announce table!

'Taker grabs Sting and tosses him back into the cell. 'Taker then grabs a steel chair and hits Sting, not once but twice with it. 'Taker then positions Sting on the apron and delivers the huge leg drop. As Sting falls to the floor, 'Taker rolls back in the ring, starts to run and dive through the ropes to nail Sting. But Sting moves out of the way and 'Taker crashes into the cell. And that then lacerates Undertaker, now both men are bleeding. Sting grabs the chair and hits 'Taker with it. Sting then rolls 'Taker back into the ring.

The match goes on for another 10 minutes with Sting in control and beginning to work on 'Taker's leg. Sting then sets in the Scorpion Death Lock, but 'Taker makes it to the ropes. Sting then picks up 'Taker but 'Taker counters and lifts Sting up and deliver snake eyes followed by a big boot. 'Taker then chokeslams Sting followed by a pin attempt but Sting kicks out. 'Taker then tries to hit old school but as 'Taker leaps down, Sting kicks 'Taker in the gut and delivers a Scorpion Death Drop. 'Taker is able to kick out of that too. Sting then brings in the steel ring steps and starts to smash 'Taker's head into them. Sting moves up to the top rope. Tries to cross body Undertaker but 'Taker catches Sting then lifts Sting on his shoulders and delivers a Tombestone. 'Taker pins Sting but Sting gets a foot on the rope. 'Taker attempts the Tombstone again but Sting counters it into a Scorpion Death Drop but 'Taker then counters that back into the Tombstone and 'Taker Tombstones Sting onto the steel steps to capture his first TNA World Title.


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