The Key To Gold: Red & Black

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

In my first post here on B/R, I wrote about who was really worthy of a title shot. I dropped a couple of names and listed some valid reasons on why they deserve a shot.

To me, Kane is the most deserving, but he's not the same Kane. He's missing something.

Maybe it's the costume and how he only wears pants now. Or maybe its that ridiculous hair. He needs something to cover that up.

A hat? No. A toupee? Ehh, Not quite. Oh, I know, A MASK!.

Kane's only WWE title run lasted one day. Not only that, he had the mask. When he held the Tag Titles (all 10 times) he indeed had the mask. His IC title run, He had the mask. The only run he had with gold and without the mask, was the ECW title.

Maybe this is just me wishing and hoping. Or maybe I've stumbled on something. In my opinion, Kane is better with the mask. And if he goes back to the mask, the following will happen.

First, there is still time for the mask to re-appear for Money In The Bank, but I doubt that we will see that. So when Kane wins at MITB, we will see a new change come over him. Then he will put the mask on after Wrestlemania.

Next comes the Actual Cash In. After turning face and staying on Raw, Kane will make threats of cashing in by Vengeance. By then John Cena will have another title run, after of course beating Randy Orton at Backlash (BOO). Then he will lose it to Edge, and Randy Orton will beat Edge at the Great American Bash.

Anyway, Kane's hunger for the title will be halted by a couple of superstars; I will let your imagination run wild on who tries to stop him. However, Kane will get past these roadblocks and challenge the champion.

Cue Summerslam. Edge will want a rematch against Randy Orton and Kane is willing to cash in his contract, so Stephanie McMahon, (Hopefully, still the RAW GM) will make it a triple threat match at Summerslam. Kane pins Edge, Kane is new champion.

Next night on RAW, Randy Orton brings up the fact that Kane's last title reign only lasted one night. So they set up a match later that night, Pitting Randy Orton vs Kane. Legacy interferes, and Kane wins by DQ.

Cue Unforgiven. Kane challenges Orton to a rematch at Unforgiven, in a no DQ match. Kane somehow pulls it off, beats Orton, defies the odds of Legacy, retains title.

So now Kane is a legit WWE champion. He goes through all contenders, like Vladimir Kozlov and a new Batista, in heel character.

Its 2010, and Kane has held the WWE title for 4 months now. HBK is the new No. 1 contender and has challenged Kane to a match at the Royal Rumble. He accepts, and the stage is set.

"Sweet Chin Music, Sweet Chin Music! 1! 2! 3! Shawn Michaels has done it. He is the New WWE champion. What a Match!" HBK is the new champion, beating Kane in a great match.

Kane's new road to Wrestlemania begins; getting his rematch at No Way Out in the Elimination Chamber. His brother, however, has different plans, as he pulls Kane from under the ring and causes him to lose any chance at becoming champion again.

The Undertaker's actions are fueled by Kane being more of a human being with his mask instead of the demonic creature he was before. At Wrestlemania, Kane is challenged by UT, in a match that pitted their reunion; Hell in a Cell.

Kane enraged by his brother's selfishness becomes obsessed with ending his streak at WM 26. The stage is set. Kane Vs The Undertaker, Hell in a Cell. Although Undertaker is a Veteran in this match, Kane feels like home in the Cell. Kane would love more than anything to end his older brother's streak in the match he made famous.

After delivering a choke-slam through the cell, Kane sends his brother straight to hell, ending the streak. Another glorifying feat accomplished by the Big Red Machine.

Kane will be dominating and simply unstoppable with the mask back that mug of his. 2009 will be his year, and so will 2010. Other things that will happen with the re-birth of the mask:

-He will become the 2010 King of the Ring.

-He will find love with Mickie James

-He will finally win the Royal Rumble, beating his record of eliminating 13 men, entering at number 10.

-He will become World Heavyweight Champion at Wrestlemania 27, Becoming the 2nd man to hold all 3 major titles in the WWE.

And there is my story of Kane.

Feedback is a must!


Jay Rob