Alex Rodriguez: Don't Look Now, But Here Comes the Boomerang

Joe NoaCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

Don't hate the writer, but I was right about A-Rod.

He had his cyst drained but now it appears that there is more damage and he won't be able to play through the pain. The damage to the labrum is more severe than expected. It had to be because the Yankees pulled him out of the WBC.

If he was able to play with the pain he should be playing in the WBC. It is no different than playing the Spring Training games.

Each day that goes by is revealing more of what A-Rod's injury to his hip is doing to his 2009 season. This is more than just the steroids he took from 2001 - 2003 in Texas. This is bigger than winning the MVP using steroids and having Major League Baseball do absolutely nothing to protect the integrity of the game.

This is bigger than having his cousin inject him with molie with syringes twice a month for three years.

Oh, it is much bigger.

This is a freak injury. An unique injury. A kind of injury that may named "A-Roid Hip" syndrome. How many players do you know that have this kind of injury? The Yankees were quick to comment that the cyst in A-Rod's hip was not related to steroids but have yet to say anything about the torn labrum.

A-Rod is starting to break down. It happened to Jason Giambi, Mark McGwire, Jose Canseco, Juan Gonzalez, and many, many more. They don't have to be on the secret list. Look at the unusual injuries and how they get them.

Jason Giambi tore a muscle under his foot circling the bases after hitting a home run. McGwire had numerous muscle pulls and tears. Juan Gonzalez tore a muscle off his leg running down the first-base line.

This happened after recovering from a major hamstring tear that kept him out for over a year.

ESPN reported that the labrum tear was caused by too much stress on the hip when A-Rod is putting a lot of torque in his swing. This is a first for me and many others to hear that this can happen to a young player in his prime.

This may be the beginning of a lot of minor and major injuries for a player that had the baseball world on the palm of his hand. This injury sounds like muscles are too tight and there is no flexibility.

The muscle becomes coarse and brittle. Much like what stress on metal can cause a bridge to collapse.

I am not trying to sound like chicken little but I know the Yankee brass has to be concerned about this new development. With all the signings they made and all the money they shelled, this is a big piece of the puzzle that has broken off the board.

A-Rod tossed the boomerang early in his career and now it is coming back to haunt him. Stay tuned.