WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: It's Time for Dolph Ziggler to Cash in MITB Contract

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterOctober 9, 2012

Photo from Reckless Dream Photography
Photo from Reckless Dream Photography

Dolph Ziggler still has nine months left to cash in his Money in the Bank contract, but the sooner he does, the better.

Without a feud and without an antagonist, Ziggler's momentum has waned in recent weeks.  He has a built-in storyline and feud creator in the form of the dented blue briefcase he carries around with him.

One of the most talented performers on the roster can thrive as world heavyweight champion.

A company's championships are meant to be reserved for the most talented and popular stars. Is there someone other than John Cena, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan who fits that description right now better than Ziggler?

Jim Ross said of Ziggler on his blog:

"The former amateur standout seemingly does something in every match that grabs my attention. Dolph reminds me of many greats of the game including Pat Patterson, Curt Hennig, and Billy Gunn."

Not sure how Billy Gunn sneaks onto a list that includes Hennig and Patterson, but Ross' comment is a huge compliment, especially coming from a Hall of Famer.

Chris Jericho said that Ziggler is a "future champion and cornerstone of WWE." That's a sentiment shared by many.

Why not embrace the future now?

While Damien Sandow and Dean Ambrose have plenty of climbing left to do to be main event-ready, Ziggler is there right now.

Put the strap on Ziggler and see what he does with it. It's not as if he is going to disappoint in terms of in-ring performance.

Ziggler has proved nearly every time he steps in the ring that he is a fantastic showman, a phenomenal athlete and a man hard to look away from. 

And it's not as if there is a plethora of options other than him.

Even if Randy Orton's schedule wasn't interrupted by him filming 12 Rounds: Reloaded, would fans really want to see The Viper carry the big gold belt again so soon?

Wade Barrett is capable of great things, but Ziggler is closer to the title in terms of kayfabe. The Barrett Barrage has just started to get serious after his slugfest with Sheamus on Raw.

Barrett will get his chance, but Ziggler's time is now.

Hell in a Cell presents a viable option for The Show Off to cash in his MITB contract.

Hell in a Cell 2012's main draws right now are the tag team tournament and the possible CM Punk and John Cena match.

Having Ziggler take advantage of a beaten and bruised Sheamus after his match with Big Show immediately turns a lackluster championship match into a memorable moment.

It becomes the launching pad for The Show Off's potentially historic title reign.

While Sheamus has certainly grown as a performer, adding layers to his angry warrior persona, he is not an untouchable champ.

He has had a lengthy title run that seems to be winding down in terms of momentum.

Having Ziggler cash in on Sheamus allows The Celtic Warrior to lose the belt and look none the weaker because of it.

WWE's other option is to mirror the World Heavyweight Championship match from TLC 2011 by having Big Show win only to be taken advantage of.

Another short-lived title reign could send Big Show into a tailspin. That opens the door for him to go on a jobber-destroying rampage.

For Ziggler, he gets to claim a victory regardless of its cheapness over a giant.

It's one more thing for him to brag about in future promos.

A heel vs. heel rematch would allow Ziggler a monumental challenge to begin a reign that will be an entertaining ride. 

Either way, Hell in a Cell is improved with Ziggler cashing in and a budding megastar getting a chance to run with the belt.