Robert Nkemdiche Video Shows 5-Star DE Still Being Pulled Toward Ole Miss

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Robert Nkemdiche Video Shows 5-Star DE Still Being Pulled Toward Ole Miss

It appears as if No. 1 overall recruit Robert Nkemdiche's commitment to the Clemson Tigers is still intact, but how much will the fact that his brother plays at Ole Miss impact his eventual decision?

That's the question Clemson Tigers fans need to be asking themselves in regards to their 5-star defensive end verbal commit. is featuring a very extensive video interview piece with Nkemdiche that features a lot of positive talk regarding Clemson's program, which is good news for them, but there's also a very interesting quote or two about Ole Miss.

Nkemdiche referred to his heart as being "here and there" when he talked about his brother, Denzel, playing at Ole Miss, and he admitted that his mother really wants Robert to play with his brother.

Remember, she had already told Zach Schonbrun of ESPN The Magazine that she was "unhappy with Clemson" and that "his decision is not final." Nkemdiche also stated that his mom does have a say in his college choice in his interview with Rivals.

Robert, Mom and Denzel Right to Left. Via @denzelnkedmiche on Twitter.

What does all this mean for Clemson and their recruitment of the No. 1 player in the nation?

Frankly, there's a lot to be concerned about.

Ole Miss has been the hot topic regarding Nkemdiche's recruitment for a while now, and it's rather obvious that he's feeling torn between his first choice in Clemson and what appears could be his family's choice in Ole Miss.

It came out via Brandon Red of 247Sports that Denzel had expressed on a visit that he wanted Robert to join the Rebels' program, and now with the confirmation via Robert himself that his mom wants the two to play together, it appears as if Nkemdiche's pull toward the Ole Miss program is a legitimate one.

Family often times can play a huge role in the world of college football recruiting, and in the case of the No. 1 overall recruit, his family could drastically alter the makeup of the 2013 recruiting class.

Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Nkemdiche did refer to Clemson as being a "family school" in the Rivals interview, and he said that he liked how they didn't always just talk about football with him, but one just can't ignore the role Ole Miss is playing in any trepidation he may feel about Clemson.

Will Nkemdiche decommit from Clemson?

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Family appears to be the hot-button word with Nkemdiche, but it could also be a word that is dividing his mind.

On one hand, he likes the football family of Clemson. On the other hand, his family seems to be pushing for Ole Miss. Which draw will have the biggest impact on the divided mind of the No. 1 overall prospect?

Every day that goes by with Nkemdiche still committed to Clemson is a good day for the Tigers, but it's time to start viewing the Ole Miss Rebels as a serious contender for the best recruit in the country.

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