Top 5 Dream Matches We All Want, And Probably Wont Get

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009


As fans, we are always speculating about the next big match. The next dream match. But what about the matches that have already been put on the table? What about the matches that we have talked about for years? Will those matches ever happen?

The following are five one-on-one dream matches that fans have hoped for for the past few years. Unfortunately, we will probably never see any of these matches. And really that is a crying shame.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan:

Who hasn't talked or debated about this match already. Arguably the two biggest legends and draws in wrestling history. Unarguably the biggest names and draws of their respective generations.

This match would be huge. The winner could etch his name at the top of the wrestling elite. Die hard fans have salivated over this match. Casual fans have called for it. Even detractors of Hogan can't resist the idea of Hogan getting stunned out of his boots.

People talk about how the window for this match to happen keeps getting smaller. But really, I think it has already slammed shut. Austin has never been a big fan of Hogan. He respects him as a performer, but not really as a person. The feeling is mutual for Hogan. Booking the match and a outcome would be a nightmare.

Plus both men's health is in the toilet. Hogan may be too prideful to admit it, but Austin has made it perfectly clear that he won't step into the ring one last time unless it is with someone who is healthy and safe. I don't think Hogan qualifies. Big? Absolutely. Possible? Not anymore.

2. Shawn Michaels vs. The Rock:

There are vey few fans with a pulse that do not want to see this match. Mr Wrestlemania. The Peoples Champion. The Showstopper. The most electrifying man in sports entertainment. HBK. The Rock.

The atmosphere for this match would be incredible. Children would hyperventilate. women would faint. Guys wouldn't know who to cheer for. IWC members would wet themselves. Which makes it all the more saddening when thinking how little life the chance of this match happening has.

Unless the Rock's movie career tanks tomorrow, but he still has a long Hollywood career ahead of him. He always seems to avoid publicity with wrestling unless it can further his movie career. And the guy takes movie parts like a fat man eats doughnuts. Having him clear out enough time to build this match and get into proper wrestling shape would be a monumental task.

Meanwhile, HBK could hang up the boots anytime now. Like the Undertaker, many see his retirement looming on the horizon. HBK's personal problems with the Rock have been well documented, so it's not like he's going to hold out for the sake of having a match with him.

If this match doesn't happen in the next 2-3 years then we will probably all be left dreaming about what could have been. 

3. Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle:

And now a match for the wrestling purists. If you like mat based wrestling and pure psychology then this match would be the one for you.

Talk about a five-star classic. This match would be a wrestling clinic. That is what you can expect when you hook up two of the greatest ring technicians the sport has ever seen. Counters, counters to counters. The chain wrestling here would be unbelievable.

Too bad Bret doesn't seem to care about the business anymore. He said in a recent interview that something drastic would have to happen to get him to wrestle again. Like a mountain of cash. TNA isn't high on Hart's favorites list and I doubt they have the cash to shell out a contracts worth of money for one match.

Kurt is probably one step away from paralysis. I always cringe when he goes for a big move or flubs up another. Who knows if or when he might finally put himself out of commission.

Besides Kurt could be back in WWE as early as the end of this year. We all know Bret Hart won't work for WWE as he himself has said he won't associate himself with them for any onscreen appearances.

Sorry fans, but this one doesn't look likely.

4. Sting vs. Undertaker:

When Sting debuted his dark gimmick in the late 90's—about the same time Undertaker was doing his occult like gimmick—speculation began on what a match between these two would be like. With WCW in it's dying days, fans were already speculating on a Sting jump to the WWE.

Alas it was not to be and probably never will. A match between these two would be surreal. While neither are known for fantastic promo ability, the presence that they carry seems to always be more than enough to put the crowds in the palm of their hands.

Just imagine the arena blacking out for both men's entrances. Of course the segments leading up to the match would be great as well. Fans will probably be going crazy before the bell even rings.

Sadly, Undertaker will almost assuredly see his last days in WWE, and that's the problem. Sting doesn't seem to want anything to do with WWE. That might change with their switch to PG, but we really don't know how badly the bridge between Sting and Vince is burnt.

If Sting ever does ink some kind of contract with WWE it will probably be for a DVD and some promotional stuff, but will leave out any kind of TV appearances. This one will stay in that dark place inside all of us.

5. Batista vs. Brock Lesnar:

And now a match for people who enjoy seeing two guys beat the absolute tar out of each other. These two men are animals and absolutely dominate in the ring. Having them match up would be truly epic.

Talk about volatile forces. These two would probably mix as well as oil and water. You want two men to try and kill each other, these two men are it. The intensity would be off the charts. Talk about a real matchup of the immovable force meeting the immovable object.

Brock is enjoying tremendous success in MMA and that seems to be where he wants to stay. Unless he suffers a humiliating loss or doesn't think it is worth the money anymore, he will probably have a extensive career pounding on people legitimately. Of course if he leaves, who is to say he won't try another sport, or maybe even take a crack at something like the Olympics.

There is no guarantee that he will return to the WWE anytime soon or ever. Vince might not want him anyways. Brock is more likely to go to a competitor if one ever matched up with WWE.

Even though Batista hasn't wrestled in WWE for long he isn't exactly a spring chicken. His career might already be on life support. Injuries are piling on and crowds seem to be getting disinterested in the big man. By the time Brock decides he wants back in—if he ever wants back in—Batista might be long gone.


So there they are. These five matches are high on many fan's wish lists. They are also low on the possibility list. WWE would be smart to do everything in their power to make these matches happen. But sometimes certain things are out of even mighty Vince McMahon's hands.

We can all hope and we can all dream. But when all is said and done, we can only leave it up to those big wrestling gods in the sky. I could easily say we should all put these to the side and forget about them until they actually happen if ever. But what is the point of having dreams if you cant dream them?

Keep your fingers crossed wrestling fans. Just don't hold your breath.