Who Should Be Where After the WWE Draft

Scotty MillerCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009

Since the draft is just right around the corner coming in April, I figured I would put in my own input on who should be on what show. I'm going to start with RAW, move on to Smackdown, and then finish with ECW.


Three legendary names should be a part of the RAW roster. Those names are Shawn Michaels, Triple H, & the Undertaker. Just imagine what the possibilities could be with them three all on the same show. Especially with Michaels and 'Taker having about another five good more years left in them.

I'm thinking Triple H could have another solid 10 years left in him. The feuds are endless between these three superstars. And with Undertaker's brother Kane being on RAW that could bring up a feud between the Brothers of Destruction and D-Generation X. That could possibly be the best tag team feud of all time.

Randy Orton and his Legacy should stay on RAW after the draft. And in about a year or two, I see Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes becoming major stars in the business.

I can see both becoming World's Champion and also either Dibiase or Rhodes winning the Intercontinental Championship in the very near future. Let alone becoming World Tag Team Champions again.

Superstars who are Intercontinental Title caliber that should either stay or be apart of RAW are CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, from ECW Evan Bourne, Rey Mysterio, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, William Regal, and Santino Marella (I think he's caliber enough).

I also think Umaga should be drafted back to RAW and be put in both the WWE and Intercontinental Title picture.

I think the Tag Team division is pretty good at this point but WWE needs to put a little bit more focus on the division though. Especially in their PPVs. One team I think should come to RAW is the young team of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder.

I can see some great matches in the future between Hawkins/Ryder and The Miz and John Morrison.

For the Women's Championship division, I can see only one addition that needs to be made among the RAW divas and that addition is Natalya. I feel in my heart that currently, Natalya is the best all around diva in the WWE.

Just picture her in there with Beth Phoenix. Or even Natalya teaming up with Beth. They would rule the Women's division of the WWE for a very long time.

Two people who I'm not sure of is Chris Jericho and Batista. But to be honest, I much rather see Batista stay on RAW and Jericho be moved to Smackdown. Batista, when he returns from his injury, could renew his feud with Randy Orton.


John Cena needs to go back to Smackdown, along with JBL. Cena does so much better on Smackdown and I believe the fans appreciate him more over there. Especially with Cena starting to feud with Vickie Guerrero now, it only makes perfect sense for Cena to go back to Smackdown. 

JBL is another one that did better on Smackdown. I can see JBL getting back into the title picture and maybe with Edge turning face soon, he and Edge could start fighting over the World Heavyweight Championship.

JBL could also feud with the Big Show on Smackdown while maybe Cena feuds with Edge again.

Christian is a character that needs to leave the ECW scene and come over to Smackdown. Even though he's doing good on ECW now, he'll do wonders over on Smackdown. In about a year or two we could even see a reunion of Edge and Christian.

And with both of the Hardy's on Smackdown now, they could even have an enormous feud with the Hardy Boys. Just imagine the ratings for WWE if that happens along with DX feuding the Undertaker and Kane over on RAW.

Ratings would go through the roof if either one of those tag team feuds could happen.

As for the United States Championship, they're doing pretty good. But I think they need to focus more on the title though. Shelton Benjamin has been a great U.S. champion but really needs to be pushed a whole of a lot more then what he's getting now.

We need to see more Shelton Benjamin matches. Other people that needs to be pushed on Smackdown are MVP, Mr. Kennedy, and Carlito.

Carlito does so much better as a singles wrestler rather than a tag team competitor.

The Divas Championship division ain't doing so bad now either. But they need divas over there like Candice and Kelly Kelly. We also need to see more of Eve.

And finally, I mentioned Chris Jericho earlier but I'm feeling he needs to move over to Smackdown. An Edge and Chris Jericho feud would be awesome. Just imagine them in a Ladder or TLC Match.


At this point, ECW is doing just fine. Ever since he won the ECW Title, Jack Swagger has been a great champion for ECW. He has really improved their matches over the past two months.

Chavo Guerrero needs to be put back in the title picture though. Chavo is definitely a great wrestler. Much better then people like Mark Henry, that's for sure.

But overall, that state of ECW now is doing good. It is good to see Tommy Dreamer getting a good, decent push. Along with Finlay. I would love to see an Extreme Rules Match between Finlay and Dreamer.