Batista's MMA Career Hopefully a One-off Following Sloppy Defeat of Vince Lucero

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Former WWE champion Batista finally made his mixed martial arts debut during the Real Pain pay-per-view offering from the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Rhode Island. He defeated something called a "Vince Lucero," who resembled a pugnacious softball dad more than he did an MMA fighter. 

Batista was originally scheduled to fight Rashid Evans (read that carefully), but following Evans' arrest for a parole violation, Batista's opponent was replaced by the less dangerous Vincent Lucero

Despite appearing to be in great shape, Batista was clearly out of his wheelhouse in his first MMA bout. He and his tomato-can opponent bounced off of one another for the vast majority of a fight so bad Pat Barry would boo it

A morbidly out-of-shape Lucero took the fight—if you want to call it that—to Batista early, which should tell you everything you need to know about a bout that inexplicably came with a price tag. 

Batista took advantage of a show of sportsmanship when he took down Lucero immediately after the two exchanged a mid-fight handshake. 

The decorated former WWE Superstar went on to pepper Lucero with punches that were dangerously close to the back of the head en route to a win and the merciful end of a fight that had to have Dana White in stitches. 

Let's just hope the fight was chalked up to Batista's bucket list, as opposed to an improbable and embarrassing foray into MMA. 

Following the fight, Batista announced his intentions to fight again, as he believed he could do better in future bouts. 

After seeing that debacle, it's hard to imagine it could get much worse. 

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