Testimony of a True Female Sports Fan

Emily DiekelmannCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009

To anyone who actually takes the time to read this:

As I sit here, a slew of sports shows are discussing topics from March Madness to T.O. and his move to the Bills and still the whole A-Rod steroids issue. I am not here to talk about any of those things—I am here to squash a myth that a guy friend of mine presented to me...girls can't know anything about sports.

Without sitting there screaming my lungs out, I calmly explained to him that there are many women out there who know a lot about sports, including myself, and have to defend themselves to idiotic inside the box thinkers such as my friend. In his defense, he is an only child, and God love him, I could have killed him when he said this.

I am a Chicago girl...I was born there and raised on the Bears, Bulls, White Sox, and even the Blackhawks...I loathe the Cubs with every fiber of my being and have in the last decade become a Cardinals fan, which helps to fuel my hatred.

I watched Michael Jordan bring the Bulls championship after championship...I watched the White Sox break their 88-year long drought...I saw the Cubs screw up their chances again...TWICE...and now I watch the Blackhawks reclaim their fame. Sadly, I wasn't born yet to see the '85 Bears raise some hell, but they sure came close in '06.

I just read an article about the "glass ceiling" that has been holding women back in the workplace, especially in the field of sports journalism. While I know everyone can name the beauties who stand on the sidelines or sit behind the desk, does anyone ever think they really know what they are talking about? Not saying they don't, but does anyone think they are more then just a pretty face?

That is where my friend's logic came from...enough said.

With that being said, I would like to tell all of those sitting out there thinking that just because we are women and are well, let's face it, amazing, doesn't mean we don't know sports.

I have a feeling that if someone reads this, they will say I am just complaining and should get over it, but as a matter of fact I am getting ready to graduate soon with a bachelor's in sports journalism hoping to one day either work for ESPN or run the PR department for a professional sports team.

I am not afraid of challenging anyone to a test of sports knowledge and am proud to say I AM A WOMAN and A SPORTS FAN!!!