Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Ronaldo and Messi Prove Their Worth in Tie

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Barcelona vs. Real Madrid: Ronaldo and Messi Prove Their Worth in Tie
Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo and Barcelona's Lionel Messi are the two best players in the game, and they made that a known fact Sunday.

Although it would've been easier for those of us arguing who is better if one had reigned supreme, the fact that Ronaldo and Messi were the only goal scorers in a 2-2 tie between Barcelona and Real Madrid only prove the fact that they're the two best players in the world. 

Was there any question before?

Each player is the final attacking line for one of the top professional clubs in the world, and they rarely miss. That much was made obvious when Messi curved an absolutely brilliant free-kick shot over the wall to put his team up 2-1 in the second half. 

But Ronaldo wouldn't back down, and neither would his team. After a brilliant pass from Mesut Ozil, the Portuguese striker finished it off in a tight angle past Victor Valdes

With the way that Barcelona's offense runs through Messi, it's not surprising that he got his name on the goal-scorers list.

In fact, it should be expected.

But his ability to showcase brilliant skill in the way that his recent free-kicking accuracy has showed is insane, and we're seeing him add a facet to his game that could push him from elite to historic.

And it's obvious that Real Madrid would be doomed without Ronaldo's brilliance. His affect on their game is apparent just by looking at his eight goals in La Liga despite his squad getting off to a less than stellar start.

In a game that went back and forth between two stars, we were given the gift of knowing who the best two players in the world are.

With it came a thrilling match that kept us intrigued until the final whistle, as each player willed his team to chances left and right.

If there was any doubt before that the two best players were Messi and Ronaldo, it should be apparent after Sunday.

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