Tony Grossi Hates the New Browns

user deletedContributor IMarch 8, 2009

Tony Grossi wants free reign of Berea. He keeps whining about the fact the Browns' Mangini and Kokinis will not let his staff of idiots into Berea so they can better spread rumors. What does Tony do about this? Bitch and moan of course! I listened to the K2 interview. What an absolute nightmare. Amy Palcic is now gone. And I'm glad. The Browns keep laying people off, and they deserve it. Tony Grossi needs it next.

Seriously, I have sat back and read countless times now Tony's disdain and spite for the new Browns staff and nearly puked at all his pats on the back from his so called "fans." Granted, I understand, without free reigns of Berea, he is a nobody. What do him and Mary Kay Cabot report on now?

I watched a video of Mary when they shot from the side and kept flipping back and forth all dramatically like it meant something. She was talking about what the Winslow trade meant for Cleveland. She knows shit about nothing.

Just like the Shawn Rogers debacle. Who really gives a damn about "big baby" huh? Cut him, Cut Rogers, I dont care, we aint' goin anywhere anytime soon anyhow. Let this Rogers buy himself and Tony Grossi a one way ticket out of Cleveland.

I know I know. You guys (Tony, Shawn, and some of you) want the lax life. You want a pile of money for minimal contribution. Well do it somewhere else. Some of us around here are sticking by this festering pile of crap called The Cleveland Browns, regardless of how bad and how much longer (forever) we suck. Whatever the case, I'll be here waiting.

I actually hope one day that Cleveland moves permanently to another city. Then Tony might have to report on something else. Or better yet, maybe they wont need him any longer.

It's nothing personal....well, yes it is. Tony Grossi did nothing to me. But I really want someone else reporting the Browns. Sincerely. And Mary Cabot?? Are you kidding me???

If I want my browns news, I'll stick elsewhere. The comments on the Plain Dealer alone are enough to make one sick, these are your fans Cleveland. These are your fans. Is it really any wonder why we are the laughing stock of the NFL?

Next stop, draft.