LSU Tigers: Les Miles Lovers Pizza with an Extra Topping of Excuses

Tobe MooreContributor IIIOctober 6, 2012

Smile Les, you still get paid
Smile Les, you still get paidJake Roth-US PRESSWIRE

There are two types of LSU fans: The ones that think Les Miles is the next greatest thing since Vince Lombardi, and the ones like myself, who think he was handed a coaching job at an upper echelon university that Elmer Fudd could have taken over with success thanks to Mr. Saban.

I won't go over all the poor clock management issues, the lack of any motivational speeches, the fact that LSU is always at the top of the list of most penalized teams in the SEC, the great QB's LSU has scared off from recruiting, or the fact that anyone outside of LSU still laughs at Les Miles' love affair with Jordan Jefferson last year that cost them any chance at the most historic season in college football.

I want those Les Miles lovers who said things the past two weeks leading up to the Florida game like "Les was just resting the good guys," "he'll have them ready to stomp Florida," "Auburn is better then people think" or "The Towson game was a 'trap' game."

Really? Then what happened?

This isn't an article to preach facts. It's an open invitation to see what excuses Les Miles lovers will have this week, bringing an LSU team into a nationally televised game (with lots of possible future recruits) and having a offense that continues to run a conservative, elementary level playbook and a QB who is losing faith in himself.

Does it bother you that LSU has the third-best QB in the state of Louisiana (Browning at ULM and Cameron at La. Tech)? Does LSU have problems recruiting good QB's, or just problems developing them to be prepared to read defenses and go through pass progressions? Is it irony that the one man who should have gotten the call to replace Saban (Will Muschamp) was the victorious coach on the field today?

You can't continue to put the blame on everything from hurricanes, injuries, scheduling, dog eating the playbook, etc.    

Hey Les, the next time you get asked before a game "Will the mighty LSU team we've all expected to see show up today?", save us from the "red blooded American" speech and just say "no."