When All The Pieces Are Put Together (Part Two: The Fox in the Box)

Greg ThomasContributor IMarch 8, 2009

In continuing from the first part of the series, we have one piece of the puzzle back in formation. Eduardo da Silva! You know the old saying "a man's man"? Well, in this case its a footballer's footballer. The player is unbelievable.

His class, professionalism, and level of finishing is top-notch. Always finding ways to put the ball in the back of the net. He is the best finisher Arsenal has on the books by far. Wenger somehow again found a gem laid in obscurity in the Croatian league.

In the previous article, I mentioned his leg break and the moral drain that the incident had on the club. Well, now it is quite the opposite. His performances have lifted the spirit of the men and further increased their confidence in their fight for silverware.

Watching the Burnley game with Eduardo bearing the captain's armband made me overjoyed. From the moment he got his first touch on the ball again you could see he was up for a game.

The Burnley defenders played him very tight, always on his shoulder, but the man used his body to shield and turn his defender every time.

Arshavin and Eduardo almost combined to perfection this game and its only a matter of time until their partnership reaps fruit. 

But it was Song's well timed lob over the back line that set up the beautiful goal by Dudu. And what a goal!

With the outside of the left boot, he sliced the ball into the back of the net with total intention and design.

Such beautiful technique, such purposeful finishing! How could anyone not love this guy!? He is a strong piece of the Arsene Wenger puzzle.

His finishing is deadly and was dearly missed last term, but not this year. This year, Eduardo will complete the mission he started and show his class and the class of the Arsenal.

He is the first piece to be put into place and you can already see the whole picture being shaped, can't you? Oh and don't forget Theo giving us a bit of a show.

He will get a game against Roma, I simply cannot wait for that! Villa and Chelsea have held on ever so nicely for us and thank God for that.

They are just in time to see us take our rightful place with the Champions League elite. Only a few more pieces to go, ladies and gentlemen, until the masterpiece is complete.