Vince McMahon to Make Token, Ratings-Driven Appearance Disguised in Importance

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistOctober 6, 2012


RAW ratings are down.  Like, way down.  Like, up-against-Monday-Night-Football-for-three-hours down. 

And when the ratings sink, the WWE's has made very clear what their chief defense mechanism is. 

Bring back Vince. 

This was the case earlier this year when McMahon made one of his token appearances coming off of a June 4th RAW that scored a sour 2.92 number.  Then, McMahon returned triumphantly to dance with the Funkadactyls, mock Jim Ross' Bell's palsy and take a phantom punch from the Big Show all in the name of ratings. 

The move worked, as it usually does—albeit to decreased marginal return—as RAW bounced back with a viewership of 4.65 million compared to 4.28 million from the previous week. 

Monday Night Football has been pummeling RAW in the embryonic stages of an ill-advised move to three hours with a steady diet of games featuring high-profile NFL teams.

The diet will continue as the New York Jets—the NFL's resident circus—look to avoid further humiliation as they get set to play the undefeated Houston Texans.  

Cue RAW is Vince.  

This time around, the excuse for Vince McMahon's announced appearance is for the WWE Chairman to issue a State of the WWE Address.  Outside of announcing John Cena's retirement or what would be an intelligent move back to two hours, there are few reasons that have built up to a mandatory appearance by the boss. 

At least in June, John Laurinaitis' job security was under heavy scrutiny, which coincided with McMahon's presence on RAW in light of a ratings slide. 

And while AJ Lee has had her problems per the RAW storylines, the ship of AJ Lee as a crummy GM seemed to have sailed weeks ago.

Following what should be an uneventful speech filled with smoke and mirrors, expect Vince McMahon to goof around in segment after segment of questionable content justified by increased viewership. 

If the show gets too out of control I may need to call upon my followers on Twitter to fill me in on the ongoing wackiness after changing the channel. 

After all, I do have money on the Jets. 

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