Legacy At Mania: A Dream. Legacy Wins Gold At Mania: Priceless

J. RobinsonCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009

June 29th. The moment I picked my new favorite tag team. I knew it the moment I found out that Rhodes had turned on Hardcore Holly at Night of Champions, that DiBiase and Rhodes were something of the future.

Then Randy Orton came into the mix. That's when I changed my mind about Rhodes and DiBiase. They weren't something of the future, they are something of RIGHT NOW!

In my opinion, Legacy will make an impact as big as Evolution.

Armageddon 2003 was the moment where every member of Evolution won gold. Randy Orton beat RVD to become Intercontinental Champion, a streak that lasted 7 months. Ric Flair and Batista entered the Tag Team Turmoil and defeated the Dudley's. And Triple H beat Kane and Goldberg in a Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Title.

Now April 5th is not Armageddon, and this definitely not 2003. But on the 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase will indeed become there self-proclaimed name, a Legacy.

With these quotes come predictions, so lets start with the Tag Titles. If you know me from Amazon Forums, you know I want to see a Tag Turmoil to unify the Tag Team titles.

My first wish of a heel vs heel tag team title match seemed a little more of a fantasy, so I decided to change that into a turmoil match, given all the tag team talent.

The match will consist of Priceless, Cryme Tyme, Miz & Morrison, The Colons, Mysterio & Kingston and a surprise appearance by the APA, which will be JBL's announcement. (I hope)

Priceless will end up beating the APA in the final match, making them Undisputed Tag Team Champions. These champions will be able to be on RAW, ECW or Smackdown!.

Next, Randy Orton, a lot of people say that Randy Orton cannot win a match without the help of Rhodes or DiBiase. So I decided to predict this match Hell In A Cell. The last Hell In a Cell HHH was in, he lost to Batista back in 05. Its been about 4 years now, and were overdue for a RAW cell match.

In my prediction, Randy Orton will become the WWE champion once again and will have a solid run. Lets face it, the WWE want HHH to become a 16-time champion just like Ric Flair, so I can see him losing this match. Don't worry, maybe he will get the World Heavyweight title from someone.

If the WWE had any genius, they would make this happen for their 25th anniversary of the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment, not Backlash like they usually do! We see Miz and Morrison all the time just running around Smackdown and RAW, when there ECW superstars. The WWE might as well unify the tag titles.

If you guys agree, disagree, have any comments or have a better way to make Legacy a "Golden" one, leave your love.

The Legacy Kid

Jay Rob