Uh Oh! Joe Corvo's Revenge embarrasses Senators

Kathleen CameronCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2008


What a difference a few days make in Sens land.

High off a key win against the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night, it seemed certain that Ottawa could have skated confidently into the eye of Carolina’s storm to calm the brewing tempest with another win. 

Instead, the Hurricanes came on like a powerful tornado, one that raged with such intensity that it left the Ottawa Senators pretty much....blindsided. I knew it would be a game to watch, what with two ex-Sens battling against their former team mates.  No doubt both would have something to prove...and prove it they did. 

After being ridiculed in the media, and by Ottawa fans, Corvo (even though he says he wasn’t looking for pay back) wanted to make a statement. Retribution can be sweet, and how delicious it must have tasted to Joe to earn a hat trick in the Hurricane’s 5-1 win over the Sens. 

Carolina outworked the Senators, winning battles for the puck, winning battles along the boards, and out skating them.  Too much hesitation on the part of the Senators, no communication between players, and certain individuals trying to do too much on their own contributed to the Senators demise.  Carolina played most of the three periods in the Ottawa Senators end, and outshot them by 32-17.  Absolutely unacceptable for a team that has the talent they do.

Once again, the Senators offence was pretty much held at bay.  The Hurricanes played in a “in their face” style for the entire 60 minutes of the game and the Sens just couldn’t seem to stay out of the penalty box.  Ottawa’s undisciplined play resulted in ten power play chances for Carolina.  You just can’t win a hockey game when your guys are sitting in the penalty box for the better part of the game. 

This Senators team is not the same team that went to the Stanley Cup finals last year.  The team fans cheered for as the Sens flew through the playoffs, steamrolling over Pittsburgh and New Jersey, and finally Buffalo, doesn't have the intensity, or the fire, or the determination they once had.  Or, perhaps, the leadership. They are wishy-washy in their play....afraid to take chances.  Too many turnovers..too many mistakes, too many penalties, and not enough confidence.