Terrell Owens Signing Will Answer Important Questions in '09

Robert FischerContributor IMarch 8, 2009

The signing of Terrell Owens by the Buffalo Bills may bring many questions.  Why Buffalo?  How will he behave?  Will he be a cancer?

Despite the questions, Owens will bring many answers to the Bills merely by stepping on the field.

It has been so long since Buffalo has had a nationally recognized superstar, albeit in decline.  This is evidenced by watching ESPN yesterday, which spent multiple segments discussing Buffalo football.  This alone may merit Owens' $4 million base salary.  This signing might also bring another nationally televised game or two to the area as a built in topic of national interest now resides here.

But, more importantly, we will find out more about our top offensive players currently on the roster. Not the least of which are quarterback Trent Edwards and wide receiver Lee Evans.

This will be the first time in Edwards' career that he will be armed with a capable receiving corps.  If he is able to utilize Owens as a possession receiver on a consistent basis, he is sure to have a successful season and instill confidence in the organization to move forward with Edwards as the long term solution.

Of course, if he fails to utilize Owens effectively, then he will join the long list of quarterbacks interviewed by ESPN daily with a befuddled look on their face.  If this is the case, note to Trent: you may want to appear with a female, as sometimes Owens will go off topic and insinuate certain things (i.e. Jeff Garcia).

The other player who will be closely watched by Bills fans this year is Lee Evans, who really must have been excited about the signing.  All the benefits of a bona fide threat on the opposite side with none of the pressure of throwing the ball to him. 

What is exciting for fans is that a long theorized equation will now take place on the field.  It has been the philosophy of fans that if Evans were ever able to find single coverage be would be the elite receiver and worthy of his long term deal.

There will be no more excuses for Evans to not touch the ball multiple times each and every game.  It will show the Bills whether they have a premiere receiver or if they have locked down a guy who simply just runs fast.

We do live in the real world, and for better or worse, Owens will most likely leave the Bills after this season.  It does not take a genius to understand that with the looming end to the salary cap, Buffalo would most likely not be the highest bidder if Owens produces this season.

It was a strategic financial move by both parties, and a smart one at that.  The Bills give Owens a chance to resurrect his image while not being tied to him long term.

In return, a motivated Owens should give the Bills and their fanbase answers to questions that have long been pondered.