UFC on FX 5 Results: What's Next for the Winners and Losers

Scott Harris@ScottHarrisMMAMMA Lead WriterOctober 6, 2012

UFC on FX 5 Results: What's Next for the Winners and Losers

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    UFC on FX 5: Browne vs. Bigfoot went down last night from Minneapolis. Top to bottom, it was a pretty good card, and one that overall was probably distinguished by a series of surprises more than anything else.

    Most notably, there was Jeremy Stephens getting arrested; his lightweight fight with Yves Edwards did not take place. But there were surprises in the cage, as well. Diego Nunes looking like a viable top featherweight, for example. Michael Johnson storming back from a near-knockout to record his own Knockout of the Night. Jake Ellenberger playing it safe. And, in the main event, Antonio Silva clubbing down Travis Browne to stop the "Hapa" hype train in its tracks.

    Here's a look at what's next for all of last night's winners and losers.

Loser: Phil Harris

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    Phil Harris was submitted by Darren Uyenoyama in the second round. Once Uyenoyama stopped throwing somersault kicks, he took things to the wall, then to the ground, and it was soon over.

    But Harris was reasonably game and remains viable for the moment, especially in a still-fleshing-out flyweight division. He took the fight on short notice and had a five-fight win streak coming in. A match with Ulysses Gomez might make sense as the next match for the Brit. 

Winner: Darren Uyenoyama

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    Once he found his groove, Darren Uyenoyama was clearly the better fighter. I know the UFC doesn't often like to pair winners with losers, but—SPOILER ALERT—Jussier Formiga would nevertheless be a good candidate in this shallow weight class. 

Loser: Bart Palaszewski

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    I'll let the man himself sum it up. This pretty much says it all for the fan-favorite featherweight.

    Ok so 2 in a row [expletive] :( def fighting next fight like this mother has nothing to lose. 45 day suspension then Bart's off to @jacksonsmma

    — Bart Palaszewski (@Bartimus7) October 5, 2012


    A Fight of the Night bonus should be a nice balm for his wounds. Or, at least, it could buy a lot of balm. How about the loser between Pablo Garza and Mark Hominick next?

Winner: Diego Nunes

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    Man, did Diego Nunes ever look great last night. His standup was so effective Palaszewski actually appeared startled. 

    Nevertheless, since Nunes lost twice during his time at the very top of the division, I wouldn't throw him back in there right away. Robbie Peralta would be a very good opponent.

Loser: Shane Roller

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    It's kind of hard to believe Shane Roller has lost four of his last five and is 2-4 in the UFC. Right now, the veteran lightweight's job security finds itself tenuously anchored to a win over Complainy Complainersen, also known as John Alessio, who is no longer in the UFC himself. It could be Dunsville for Roller.

Winner: Jacob Volkmann

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    Running for president I suppose? President of his civic association maybe. Not in my backyard, Jacob! 

    But if by some turn of massive voter fraud it doesn't work out, he's still a reliable undercard buttress. How about the winner between Mac Danzig and Takanori Gomi? I'd watch that. 

Loser: Carlo Prater

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    Not so good tonight for Carlo Prater. He tried some things. Some things didn't work. 

    So it's two losses now for Prater. Not dark yet, but it's getting there. If he can beat Paul Sass, he can stay.

Winner: Marcus LeVesseur

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    Marcus LeVesseur was about as uninspiring in victory as a fighter can be. So eh, I don't know. Maybe see what Myles Jury does with him.

Loser: Aaron Simpson

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    Aaron Simpson is now 1-1 at welterweight. He fought well, though, before he got knocked out.

    I thought about this one for a while, and it occurred to me: Why not Matt Hughes? Simpson, 38, is a longtime veteran and very respectable fighter, but also not unbeatable for a diminished Hughes, who seems to want to fight again and go out on a winning note, but not against a charity opponent. Simpson threads that needle as well as anyone.

Winner: Mike Pierce

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    It's like clockwork. Mike Pierce beats a few guys, gets a shot at a big name, loses, rinse, repeat. 

    This was an impressive come-from-behind knockout win, though, and it's two in a row for Pierce. I'd give him the winner of James Head and Mike Pyle, who fight in December. Have a little three-way journey tourney. See what I did there? May the best journeyman win.

Loser: Danny Castillo

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    Danny Castillo had Michael Johnson dead to rights. But then Johnson rose from the grave.

    Castillo couldn't close the deal, but it shouldn't knock him too far down. I'm surprised he's never fought Evan Dunham before. Perhaps it's time to change that.

Winner: Michael Johnson

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    Have you ever seen Michael Johnson and LaVar Arrington in the same place before? I thought not.

    But as for "Michael Johnson," that's three Ws in a row, and this win over Castillo earned him Knockout of the Night honors. Time to give him a bump up in competition. I'd give him the winner between Mark Bocek and Rafael dos Anjos, who fight on November 17.

Loser: Josh Neer

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    Two consecutive defeats for Josh Neer. Could the veteran be nearing the end of his fourth stint inside the Octagon? I'd like to see him face Brian Ebersole. Lots of grizzledness in that matchup.

Winner: Justin Edwards

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    Forget Cody McKenzie. Justin Edwards has one hell of a good guillotine. So far, he's used it to win half of his 10 pro fights. And the best part is, he can do other stuff, too. See that, Cody? 

    Next up: Sean Pierson. At least that's my vote.

Loser: Jussier Formiga

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    Formiga didn't look nearly as scrawny as he has in previous fights, and he actually hit Dodson pretty hard.

    And he still has a good future with this promotion. As previously mentioned, give him Darren Uyenoyama. This would be a stiff test for both and a good fight, on the feet or on the ground.

Winner: John Dodson

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    Great win for Dodson.

    Next up: the champ. Demetrious Johnson. The two fastest dudes in the UFC. Don't, as they say, blink.

Loser: Jay Hieron

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    Not the most exciting fight, but it was a moral victory of sorts that longtime veteran Jay Hieron went the distance with Jake Ellenberger and, according to all three judges, even won a round. (I had him winning the first.)

    If it was up to me, I'd give him another fight in the UFC. Maybe have him test some young buck like a Brock Jardine.

Winner: Jake Ellenberger

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    Looks like The Juggernaut's star is back on the rise, even if this was probably his least exciting fight in the UFC to date. I'd go ahead and reschedule that date with Josh Koscheck, assuming Koscheck can get healthy.

Loser: Travis Browne

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    Caption contest!

    Here's my entry: MFGLFGLLLLLHGLLLLLLL.

    There goes that hype train. Browne tried to make his toes a little too twinkly in there. I'm not sure if that's what led to his knee injury or not, but I do know the knee injury led to this loss.

    I think Mike Russow is available.

Winner: Antonio Silva

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    Another great, signature win for "Bigfoot," right when people were ready to write him off.

    Silva's next step, for me, is a no-brainer: Stefan Struve in a battle of the giants. That script writes itself.