What the T.O. Signing Means to Me

Kevin WhitesellCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2009

We are a little less that 24 hours removed from the Buffalo Bills' one-year, $6.5-million signing of Terrell Owens. Everyone in the sports community probably has an opinion about whether is was good or bad for T.O., the Bills, the Cowboys, or the league itself.

I am here to discuss what the signing does to the league as this move is an extreme example of the "Must Win Now" attitude. This attitude has been, and will always be, prevalent in sports from the rec level to the professional ranks.

We all know that the Bills signed T.O. for a high figure. I have no qualms about the money; but, I do take issue with the fact that the money is apparently guaranteed.

Congrats Mr. Wilson, you just gave an obscene amount of money to a man known as a "cancer to quarterbacks."

I'm not about to speculate on the mental savvy of quarterback Trent Edwards.  However, the Bills should have asked themselves: is $6.5 million worth the risk of losing your quarterback's mental game and thus, setting your team back further? This "Make the Playoffs This Year" attitude doesn't work for me.

Hmm...Dick Jauron, you are a man of integrity. Now, it's all gone. You are in a bit of a spot professionally, and now you've sold out for the chance to (possibly) make the playoffs with a "cancerous teammate."

Say you do make the playoffs, will you be able to (or even want to) bring T.O. back for a second, and possibly uncapped, year?

All this being said, I applaud you, T.O. You are the greatest salesman ever. Now stand behind your product. You must be the "Most Productive Wide Receiver" without any lip.  You are auditioning for your integrity again. If you create controversy in the Bills' locker room, what will your market value be in 2010?


My prediction:

T.O. will be productive: 1,000 yards receiving and eight to 10 TDs.

The Bills go 8-8; but, they miss the playoffs due to defensive woes, not to offensive problems.

Owens creates pressure for Edwards, as the two have to score 40 points a game while the defense gives up 39 points a game.

Edwards snaps, Jauron loses his job, and then Owens signs a multi-year, multi-million-dollar deal in the offseason with another team.

Just my thoughts.