A Halt to the Madness!: THIS IS SMACKDOWN!!!

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 8, 2009

Not too long ago, a bottomless pit was discovered in the prominent warrior Greek city, Sparta. Investigations were held to determine the measurements and age of the pit. Several superstars have met their fates in that bottomless pit especially Boogeyman, who is no longer with us.

News broke out, though scientists wanted to keep it a secret for further research. Unfortunately WWE superstars now are cognizant of the pit and there's no telling of what could could occur.

Evidence might be able to prove that former WWE Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder fell down the pit...or was thrown down into it.

Scientists and news cameras on the scene once again after a horrific accident took place. Smackdown superstars were having fun until things took a turn for the worse and a star was kicked down the pit. WWE Smackdown superstar Carlito was an eye witness to the horror.

Carlito: "Man we all were hanging out you know. Everyone was cool like Carlito's Cabana. When he came outside with us by the pit, I knew he was pushing buttons....that's not cool".

Carlito is referring to Smackdown superstar Brian Kendrick. According to reports a group of Smackdown stars went to visit the pit after hearing about it. Carlito and Primo Colon, MVP, R-Truth, Chavo Guerrero and even ECW superstars Miz and John Morrison.

It was believed that an altercation between Kendrick and Khali led to the tragedy. Kendrick started flapping his wings in front of Khali who seemed irritated. Khali ultimately kicked Kendrick down the pit.

More superstars where reached for comments.

MVP: "I'm the highest paid star in Smackdown history, feel me? I'm a playa, I'm ballin. Kendrick was prancing and dancing with  that horrendous jacket and that damn lollipop. Fella was flapping his wings like he could fly, like he gonna do something".

Carlito: "Carlito is confused. Why does he have a lollipop? It's not even apple flavored...that's not cool. Carlito doesn't know why he makes does hand gestures, but he shouldn't have messed with Khali. I mean he's big, he's a giant. Khali chopped Ezekiel and then he just kicked Kendrick down the pit. I don't feel sad, Carlito doesn't care".

Many of the superstars concur that they weren't fond of Kendrick so this wasn't a big loss. In fact, when RNN heard it was Kendrick who got kicked down the pit, they packed up their equipment and left. Apparently, there is a way to bring someone back from the pit, as Christian returned to the world not too long ago.

Everyone is packing up and leaving. The search parties are done and all. WWE won't even press charges on Khali. Kendrick wasn't a big deal anyway. He was a poor imitation of a young HBK.

More experiments and work is being done on the pit site to prevent or limit superstars and people from being a victim of the pit.