Randy Orton, a Ruthless, Vicious Viper, Has Weakend His Prey (Triple H)

Bernice NoparatContributor IMarch 8, 2009

Hey everyone...

I guess after I watched Triple H getting attacked by Randy Orton and Legacy on SD and oh my goodness, Triple H ended up  outnumbered and not only that he couldn't defend himself after getting beaten up by three Black Pit Vipers.

Well I am really surprised, But seriously I am not joking, Even without a weapon., Randy Orton can be  a very ruthless, remorseless vicious black viper....Did you see the way he kicked and beat the living hell out of Triple H; until Triple H  has that dazed look in his eyes?

I was like oh my goodness...But Let me tell you all something...

When Orton hit his RKO or  his Vicious Ruthless Legend Killer punt...to anyone that includes his wrestlemania 25 opponents or should I say his Prey Triple H...

Ouch that's got to really hurt anyone who gets hit with the Legend Killer Punt...right across their skull.

That precise calculated blow really black's them out it's like a chisel and the same goes for his RKO they have to rush the poor recipients to hospital where they lie fighting for their life.

Well it's not like Randy is  really going to kill Triple H......

But as for his Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) I don't think it will affect his WWE Championship match with Triple H and I don't think Randy will need anyone else from legacy to  help him out at Wrestlemania 25.

I mean it won't make any sense at all. If there is outside interference Instead of getting a Win he will get disqualified.

I mean , oh come on, I don,think he has to be like Edge to  depend  on his lackeys to win. Randy is so not like Edge...

He is going to beat the hell out of Triple H by himself at Wrestlemania 25 and win the WWE Championship from Triple H

If he can beat Triple H in the Last man standing match at No mercy 2007 and at WM24, for the WWE Championship there should be no reason as to why he can't do it again at WM25

So I believe that  he can  beat Triple H  at Wrestlemania 25 and become the new WWE Champion and with a clean win

Let's go Randy Orton.

Last but not least, I think Randy Orton is the predator, While Triple H is the weak prey...


Slithering out,