Bills Pay Owens in Hopes of Owens Paying Bills

Derek ViveirosContributor IMarch 8, 2009

"No matter what uniform I put on, I perform." 

Those were the words spoken by Terrell Owens, the most well-documented free agent signing in Buffalo Bills history.

Fans in Orchard Park and "north of the border" can very well expect that at best, a performance.

One question Bills fans must ask themselves is which Owens will arrive at "The Ralph" on opening day. Will it be the Best Lead Actor (see 49ers and Eagles Owens tenure) or Best Supporting Actor?

On Saturday, the Buffalo Bills signed the six-time Pro Bowl wide out to a reported one-year, $6.5 million contract. This acquisition makes for quite the debate amongst Buffalo faithful. This signing appears to solidify an offense, which managed only nine touchdown receptions last year. 

Owens had 10. Enough said.

Many wonder what impact Owens will have on quarterback Trent Edwards. If he openly criticizes Edwards as he did past teammates, it could potentially sabotage Edwards career. On the other hand, this could give Edwards the opportunity to flourish. Owens will attract much attention from opposing defenses freeing up space for Lee Evans and the other receivers.

As long as Bills management fill the voids in the offensive line giving Edwards solid protection, Buffalo's 25th ranked offense should significantly improve.

The AFC East, arguably the best division in the American Football Conference, is at an all time competitive high. The Bills needed to make an acquisition of this magnitude to at the very least compete in this division. This will help them because in New England, Tom Brady is returning, which turns the Patriots into the favorite to take the division title.

What impact T.O. will have on this organization on the field is yet to be seen, but one thing is certain, the Bills will profit from this on a financial standpoint. Season ticket sales should dramatically improve, even after a season where they broke records in sales. You can also bank on Buffalo getting at least one Sunday night game this season along with a "Monday Night" prime time broadcast.

Lets hope for the Bills that the future Hall of Famer can end the franchise's longest playoff drought and bring some much needed pride back to Buffalo.