Washington Wizards See Light at the End of the Tunnel??

ROB YOUNG SRContributor IMarch 8, 2009

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it appears we must endure whats left of this season—with our only the hope that Ernie has something up his sleeve that at least allows us to sign our future lottery pick.

This team is bad folks and it's scary that our hopes and dreams of beating LeBron and Co. and venturing deeper into the postseason hinge on:

1) Gilbert Arenas returning to Hibachi-form healthy and willing to do and be whatever the team needs him to do (play defense) and be.

2) Brendan Haywood returning to and improving on last season's performance.

3) Hoping that Jamison and Butler have not had this season take too much of a toll on them where they take a step backwards.

4) That the core of youth Nick Young, Audray Blatche, Dominic McGuire, Javale McGee, and Jarvis Crittenden have become battle-tested and are now ready for NBA play.

In my humble opinion, that's a lot of hoping and praying—don't you think?

This team is laden with too many contracts for players whose contributions do not merit their deals. Etan Thomas is a nice guy with lots of heart, but he's too small. D. Songalia is a nice spot player who can give you maybe 18 to 20 minutes a game.

Pecherov?  Stevenson?  Juan Dixon?  M.James? Too many questions—not enough answers.

Now I may be a minority on this issue, but I believe with J. McGee turning out to be a solid addition that maybe we should not be so focused on finding a big man this team needs a point guard. A Devin Thomas-Deron Williams type point guard. Gilbert is not a true PG and the physical toll of bringing the ball up and getting the offense going may be a bit much for the surgically repaired knee.

If we had a PG who could create his own shot and distribute allowing Gilbert to run off picks and screens with Jamison,Blatche, McGee, and Haywood rotatating in the frontcourt and Butler and McGuire playing swingman positions, this team would be a lot better off. Eddie Jordan's Princeton offense will likely be scraped when the new coach comes in anyway.

Ernie has a group that can become pretty good—if he can add the right pieces. But he must first do some addition by subtraction to get this team on track going forward.