The Curse of the Raw General Manger

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IMarch 8, 2009

Since Raw has been on the air we have see general manger's come and go. Especially of late we have seen four GM's since 2007. Is it a curse to be the Raw GM? I think it is. There have been eight different GM's in Raw history and all have had a bad ending to them.

Vince McMahon has been a GM twice. The McMahon's together have held four different period's of being GM. Shane and Stephanie and been Co-GM together once and Vince was a Co-GM with Ric Flair.

Two of the seven different GM's have been pro wrestlers: Regal and Flair. Jonathan Coachman is the only GM to have the title Executive Assistant.

I think the GM's that have been around haven't done well.

Now who is next in line to be the Raw GM?

Stone Cold Steve Austin- There is a good chance he could be GM if he want's to be involved with anything wrestling activities.

JBL- He could be GM if he ended his wrestling career but I don't see that happening anytime soon. He would go down as the most hated GM.

Roddy Piper- I think that he need's to come back and be the GM of Raw I would pick him out of the three, and he would be a great GM. It would  be interesting with Chris Jericho currently on the Raw Roster.

Who do you think should be the GM of Raw?

There seems to be some sort of a curse or jinx for the GM of Raw. Period.

Here is a history of Raw GM's:

General Manger

Date StartedDate FinishedNotes

Ric Flair

November 9, 2001June 10, 2002

Lost his position as per match stipulation
against Mr. McMahon

Vince McMahon

June 17, 2002July 8, 2002Following the loss of Flair's position
new General Managers were assigned.

Eric Bischoff

July 15, 2002December 5, 2005

Steve Austin served as "Co-General Manager"
and "Sheriff" periodically through Bischoff's term.
Mick Foley served as "Co-General Manager"
through December 2003.

Vince McMahon

December 12, 2005June 11, 2007

Jonathan Coachman served as "Executive Assistant"
from May 2006 to June 2007.

Jonathan Coachman

June 18, 2007August 6, 2007Served as "Executive Assistant"
from August 2007 to January 2008.

William Regal

August 6, 2007May 19, 2008Lost his position as per match stipulation
against Mr. Kennedy


Mike Adamle

July 28, 2008November 3, 2008

Resigned after slapping Randy Orton.


Stephanie and Shane McMahon

November 3, 2008November 24, 2008Control reverted to Shane and Stephanie McMahon.


Stephanie McMahon

November 24, 2008PresentPosition was claimed by Stephanie McMahon